Ron Friesen - Reform Candidate
Social Credit candidates for Calgary ridings in federal election, Calgary, Alberta.
Social credit candidates for Calgary area ridings in federal election, Calgary, Alberta.
Bill Maxim - failed Aldermanic candidate
Civic candidates, Calgary, Alberta.
Aldermanic candidate Don Hartman, Calgary, Alberta.
[Emerging Prime ministerial candidate.]
Gary Dickson - Calgary-Buffalo Liberal Candidate
Una Maclean nominated as federal Liberal candidate for Calgary North, Calgary, Alberta.
Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent visits Calgary, Alberta.
Robert Green, Calgary, Alberta.
William Leigh, Alberta.
James Graham, Alberta.
Ernest Morrow, Calgary, Alberta.
I believe we've came around at a bad time ... she was making out her income tax.'
Wilbert Stevens, Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
Mr. Reiman, Alberta.
Harold Rolseth, Alberta.
Margaret Thomson, Edmonton, Alberta.
Joseph V. Kikosky, Blairmore, Alberta.
Dave Garland, Alberta.
Mr. Brucker, Alberta.
Charles Cooke, Alberta.
John Gow, Edmonton, Alberta.
H. A. Wiertz, Calgary, Alberta.
J. H. Stark, Edmonton, Alberta.
Martin Reynolds, Alberta.
W. H. Miller, Edmonton, Alberta.
James C. Tell, Calgary, Alberta.
James E. Helwig, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Percy Johnson, Grande Prairie, Alberta.
J. R. C. Driscoll, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. F. C. Butterworth, Edmonton, Alberta.
Gladys Dynes, Calgary, Alberta.
A. Campbell, Calgary, Alberta.
G. Graham, Calgary, Alberta.
Leslie Pritchard, Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
Ted Smithman, Alberta.
G. W. Sturmer, Alberta.
Joseph E. Peterson, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Mrs. A. M. Peters, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Harry W. Smith, Alberta.
Paul J. Katzalay, Alberta.
McKim Ross, Alberta.
John Liss, Sangudo, Alberta.
Paul Arthur Rowe, North Star, Alberta.
Robert H. Carlyle, Lacombe, Alberta.
Peter Gomuwka, Alberta.
Robert Atkin, Alberta.
Mrs. Falconer, Canmore, Alberta.
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