Literarische Kanadabild : eine Studie zur Rezeption kanadischer Literatur in deutscher Übersetzung, Das
Präludien : kanadisch-deutsch Dialoge : Vorträge des 1. Kingstoner Symposions : Thema, Interkulturelle Germanistik : the Canadian context
Maple leaf and trident : the Ukrainian Canadians during the second World War
Little paradise : the saga of the German Canadians of Waterloo County, Ontario, 1800-1975
German-Canadians : a concise history, The
Germans in Canada, The
German immigration and assimilation in Ontario, 1783-1918
German Canadiana : a bibliography = Deutschkanadische Bibliographie
Socio-economic history of German-Canadians : they, too, founded Canada : a research report, A
German language in Alberta: maintenance and teaching, The
Growing up in Manitoba, 1924-1941 : a man should go back to his roots
German Canadian mosaic today and yesterday : identities, roots, and heritage, The
Sojourners and settlers : the Macedonian community in Toronto to 1940
Echoes of the classical age in contemporary Portuguese oral tradition : Some instances of language interference in the Polish American press
Unter dem Nordlicht : anthologie des deutschen Schrifttums der Mennoniten in Canada
German community in Winnipeg, 1872 to 1919, The
Sudeten in Saskatchewan : a way to be free
Number 4 Canadian Hospital : the letters of Professor J.J. Mackenzie from the Salonika front
The  clash! : a study in nationalities.
German atrocities : an official investigation. Tenth impression
Roots and Realities Among Eastern and Central Europeans
First days, fighting days : women in Manitoba history
A catalogue of books on the history of medicine in the Ross Mitchell Room
George Stewart, Jr. : nineteenth-century Canadian man of letters
Canada and its capital : with sketches of political and social life at Ottawa
Louis Riel
Italian-Canadian studies : a select bibliography
Agent in Italy
Canada and its provinces : a history of the Canadian people and their institutions. Volume 12, Section 6 : the Dominion : missions; arts and letters, Part 2
The school system of Ontario (Canada) : its history and distinctive features
Galicia and Bukovina : a research handbook about Western Ukraine, late 19th and 20th centuries
Report (11th Annual, The Canadian Club of Winnipeg)
Battles of the nineteenth century. Vol. IV
Fashioning farmers : ideology, agricultural knowledge and the Manitoba farm movement, 1890-1925
Alberta, a New History
A biography of Doctor Stephanie Petryk Potoski : on the occasion of the Canadian Ukrainian centennial, 1891-1991
The Italian immigrant woman in North America
Red watch with the First Canadian Division in Flanders, The
Mennonite memories : settling in Western Canada
Stephan G. Stephansson : the poet of the Rocky Mountains
An Italian region in Canada : the case of Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Berlin, Canada
Reflections and reminiscences : Ukrainians in Canada, 1892-1992
Local history in Atlantic Canada
Scalpel, sword and stretcher : forty years of work and play
Prophecy of the swan : the upper Peace River fur trade of 1794-1823
Deutsche in Kanada : Einwanderung und Adaption : mit einer Untersuchung zur Situation der Nachkriegsimmigration in Edmonton, Alberta
Multiculturalism and Ukrainian Canadians : identity, homeland ties, and the community's future
The honourable company; a history of the Hudson's Bay Company. Revised to 1949
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