[The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is present as Prime Minister Trudeau and cabinet ministers greet homeless, unemployed? man.]
[Prime minister Jean Chretien thinks about the membership of the federal Cabinet.]
Harry Hays with Prime Minister Lester Pearson, Ottawa, Ontario.
As good Canadians, you will have to learn to lower your expectations.'
[Minister of Finance John Turner attempts to plug holes in the Canadian economy.]
[Canadian economy is sinking.]
[Canadian prime minister keeps his pets well trained.]
Canadian brass.'
[Canadian economy ailing.]
Pat Carney - Minister for International Trade
[Sheila Copps maintains her integrity by resigning, as she promised, after the goods and services tax (GST) was not abolished.]
[Oil industry taking fire by the federal budget.]
The Beaver Awards for Canadian actors.'
[Canada's National Energy Program is 'out on a limb'.]
[Resuscitation attempts ineffective.]
As a duly elected official, I deem it my solemn duty to protect our Canadian way of life.'
Shipment of western Canadian cattle to Scotland, Montreal, Quebec.
[Canadian dollar takes a nose-dive.]
[Canadian economy in downward spiral.]
Harry Hays and Eugene Whelan shaking hands and exchanging a certificate, Ottawa, Ontario.
Opening of Canadian Pacific Railway Ogden shops, Calgary, Alberta.
What's up, doc?'
[Ottawa refuses to shop Canadian.]
Look dear! Cabinet ministers are returning!'
That'll be $200,000,000 dollars, please!'
[Canadian farmer does not like the odour coming from Ottawa.]
Inspecting 50th Battalion and 31st Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force, at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede grounds, Calgary, Alberta.
Merry Christmas'
[Hitchhiking inevitable after sales of natural gas dry up.]
Step right up my good man and take a look at the future.'
Ladies and gentlemen... Would you please rise, Marc Lalonde is going to sing 'O' Canada, I stand on guard for thee.'
The Hustler.'
[Postal service strikes.]
It's a guess, mind you ... but I'd say its origins came from some form of tribal dispute.'
[Minister of Finance, Jean Chretien, follows a recipe for the Canadian budget.]
I'm sorry, Mr.Secretary, but your record has been broken by some obscure politician in the Canadian government'
Of course if we let him loose again we'll have to call him something else. How about recalculated resource tax?'
George Hoadley, Alberta.
E. L. Gray, Alberta.
We'd like our own section, nowhere near those wimpy gun control types.'
'We hope people will come to realize that we have to protect the young salmon.' - Prime Minister Chretien.'
Painting by Numbers...'My god, you're lovely today!'' [Paul Martin's view of Canada may be too rosy.]
Women's Canadian Club event, Calgary, Alberta.
Group touring Pat Burns packing plant, Calgary, Alberta.
Harry Cohen, Grant MacEwan and Fred C. Colborne receiving human relations award from Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, Calgary, Alberta.
Alberta Wheat Pool convention, Calgary, Alberta.
Would you mind speaking up, Fidel? I can't hear you.'
One of the things that comes with being stinking rich is that you become paranoid about not being stinking rich. So we're not sharing!!'
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