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Henry Cranston Henderson, riverboat pilot, Yukon Territory.
S.S. 'Keno' on the Yukon River near Dawson City, Yukon Territory.
Mounted police patrol from Dawson City bringing in body of prospector, Yukon Territory.
Klondike sawmill, Lousetown, Yukon Territory.
Tents at Bennett Lake, British Columbia and Yukon.
Family and friends floating on raft down the Yukon River to Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Royal North-West Mounted Police camp for night on Trail River, Yukon Territory.
Royal North-West Mounted Police night camp on Trail River, Yukon Territory.
Colin's Cabin, Peel River, Yukon Territory.
Constable W. J. D. Dempster's dog team.
View of Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Close view of Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Dance in Mr. John Firth's house, Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories (NWT).
View of Rampart House, Porcupine River, Yukon Territory.
International Boundary Survey party at Rampart House, Yukon Territory.
Motor boat at Rampart House on Porcupine River.
North Athabascan First Nations camp on Porcupine River.
North-West Mounted Police detachment, Halfway, on Yukon River, Yukon Territory.
Letter on tripod on Little Wind River, Yukon Territory.
Steamboat 'Selkirk' taking on wood for fuel.
Members of Synod Diocese of Yukon Territory at St. Paul's Cathedral, Dawson City, Yukon Territory.
Crowds waiting for first boat down river at Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Dead horses on the Dead Horse Trail, Skagway to Klondike, Yukon Territory.
Steamer 'Zealandian' Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Lousetown, across from Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.
Canadian Bank of Commerce party en route to Dawson City, Yukon Territory.
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 8, no. 19 (December, 1938) Suppl.
Constable Gladwin in a canoe at Ogilvie, Yukon.
Constable McLean and sled dogs at Indian River Detachment, Yukon.
Scows in ice jam on the Yukon River above Dawson City, Yukon.
Dawson City at the junction of the Yukon River and Klondike River, Yukon.
Bird's eye view of Dawson City at midnight, looking down River, Yukon.
A pack train on the Klondike River trail, Yukon.
The first bridge across the Yukon River, Yukon.
A jerk line team on the Klondike River bridge, driven by Tom Savage, Yukon.
Rampart City on the Yukon River, and a First Nations camp, Yukon.
King Island and Eskimos [Inuit] at Snake River near Nome, Alaska.
Sightseeing on the banks of Miles Canyon on the Yukon River, Whitehorse, Yukon.
Canyon Creek Bridge near Whitehorse,Yukon.
Gold seekers in front of hotel at Sheep Creek (Sheep River) near Bullion City, Yukon.
Shooting the White Horse Rapids on the Yukon River in a Peterborough canoe, Yukon.
Steamer 'Dawson' downward bound in Hootalinqua on the Yukon River, Yukon.
Steamer 'Dawson' shooting the Five Fingers Rapids on the Yukon River, Yukon.
Lining up steamer 'Whitehorse' to navigate the Five Fingers Rapids on the Yukon River, Yukon.
Steamer and scow meeting above the Five Fingers Rapids on the Yukon River, Yukon.
Steamer 'Casca', the fastest steamboat on the Yukon River, Yukon.
Steamer 'Canadian' going down the Yukon River at Selwyn, Yukon.
Half Way Police Post, with Constables Dempster, Gladwin and Hayward, Yukon.
"55 axis" : with the Royal Canadian Regiment, 1939-1945
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