[Trojan horse interrupts prime minister's vacation.]
[Canada and Britain to discuss the European Economic Community.]
[Canada has a prime minister that makes house calls.]
[Prime minister out clowning around on Halloween.]
[Prime minister is proud as a peacock.]
[Canadian prime minister keeps his pets well trained.]
[Prime minister comes down to earth.]
[New Prime Minister Joe Clark realizes that former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau will be looking over his shoulder.]
Prime Minister Laurier greeting crowd at gathering in Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau does patchwork on the Canadian flag.]
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his cabinet ministers are not welcome at the National Petroleum Show in Calgary, Alberta.]
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau catches up on his reading.]
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau caught with hand in cookie jar.]
[The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is present as Prime Minister Trudeau and cabinet ministers greet homeless, unemployed? man.]
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau is uninterested in parliamentary affairs.]
Wreath at Richard Bedford Bennett's funeral at Mickleham, Surrey, England.
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau's 'resurrection' as leader.]
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau struggles to balance the issues of national unity and bilingualism.]
[Andre Ouellet, Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs - resigns.]
[Despite the victory of the Party Quebequois, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau suffers little drop in popularity.]
[Prime Minister Joe Clark 'chipping away' at deficit.]
Visit of Prime Minister Trudeau to Yellowknife Northwest, Territories.
Harry Hays with Prime Minister Lester Pearson, Ottawa, Ontario.
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau skips out, from being pressed on Quebec issues.]
One squeaky wheel that doesn't get the grease.'
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau reviews his election promises.]
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau crys wolf on Separatism.]
Never mind the state of the economy right now.... I want you to check out our Neilson rating.'
What's the hurry, Pop?'.
Above it all.'
Can't you do something about him... the show is about to go on!'
Honourable J. J. C. Abbott, 1821-1893.
Gather around, gentlemen ... we are going to play a little game called musical chairs.'
[Statue gets a facial.]
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau 'wooing' the Canadian voter.]
[Canada's National Energy Program is 'out on a limb'.]
[Minister of Finance John Turner attempts to plug holes in the Canadian economy.]
Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent visits Calgary, Alberta.
[Canadian economy ailing.]
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau puts a leash on wage and price controls.]
3 man wrecking crew.'
During visit of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Giving banquet address at Yellowknife Northwest, Territories.
How's the omelette coming along?'
[Ottawa's own constitutional strategy map gets them stranded.]
[Consults only with himself.]
All gall is divided in three parts - indifference, arrogance and pride!'
The natives do seem restless, don't they sir.'
[Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau ignores Canadians' concerns and focuses only on the constitution.]
Full speed ahead!'
Right Honourable Lester Bowles Pearson.
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