Secret Inquisitions ; or Nova Scotia as it was, is or may be
Testing propellor on a hydrofoil, Baddeck, Nova Scotia.
The geography and history of Nova Scotia : with a general outline of geography and a sketch of the British possession in North America
Kirkham engine on experimental airplane, Baddeck, Nova Scotia.
Unsuccessful flight of Baddeck number 1, Baddeck, Nova Scotia.
The counties of Nova Scotia : conditions and capabilities
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia : a sequel to Campbell's history
Experimental hydrofoil raised out of the water, Baddeck, Nova Scotia.
Nova Scotia in its Historical, mercantile and industrial relations
Sled for Doctor Wilfred Grenfell, Baddeck, Nova Scotia.
Three Nova Scotian Black churches: a collection of historical essays
Hutchinson's Nova Scotia directory, for 1866-67 : containing alphabetical directories of each place in the province, and an appendix containing much useful information
Annals of Yarmouth and Barrington (Nova Scotia) in the revolutionary war
Brief sketch of the present state of the Province of Nova-Scotia
Harem Bulls & Pups - nearly all the  cows feeding at sea St. Paul Island, Nova Scotia
Rhode Island settlers on the French lands in Nova Scotia in 1760 and 1761
Nova Scotians at home and abroad: biographical sketches of over six hundred native born Nova Scotians
The women of Africville: race and gender in postwar Halifax (Nova Scotia)
The immigration and settlement of the black refugees of the War of 1812 in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Traditional lifetime stories: a collection of Black memories, vol. 2
Bicentenary sketches and early days of the church in Nova Scotia [microform] / by C.W. Vernon ; with an introduction by the Lord Bishop of Nova Scotia, and a chapter on King's College
Traditional lifetime stories: a collection of Black memories
Kemptville, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia : an historical sketch
Account of the present state of Nova Scotia
Backward glances
The African in Canada ; The Maroons of Jamaica and Nova Scotia
Born with a call: a biography of Dr. William Pearly Oliver, C.M.
Hutchinson's Nova Scotia directory, for 1864-65 : containing alphabetical directories of each place in the province, with a post office directory and an appendix containing much useful information
Struggle for development : the black communities of North & East Preston and Cherry Brook, Nova Scotia, 1784-1987
Charles Tupper.
The  Black Loyalists in Canada
Done at Grand Pré
Historical view of the Province of Nova Scotia, and other territories in America
New England's outpost : Acadia before the conquest of Canada
The Evolution of the Halifax Fortress, 1749-1928
History of the amalgamation of the "Nova Scotia Mutual" and Royal Canadian Fire Insurance Co's [...]
Sketch of the old parish burying ground of Windsor, Nova Scotia : with an appeal for its protection, ornamentation and preservation
Imperial Oil Company warehouse, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
The spirit of Africville
The state of trade in the northern colonies : considered with an account of their produce and a particular description of Nova Scotia
Memoir of the Rev. James MacGregor : with notices of the colonization of the lower provinces of British North America and of the social and religious condition of the early settlers
The Acadian exiles : a chronicle of the land of Evangeline
John Robert Willis, the first Nova Scotian conchologist, a memorial : his life, his list of shells of Nova Scotia, and his other published works
Gunner George Collins, Royal Regiment of Artillery.
History of the townships of Dartmouth, Preston and Lawrencetown, Halifax County, Nova Scota
Nous avons tenu bon : histoire de la région ouest de l'intérieur de la Nouvelle-Écosse, 1800-1940
Glimpses of Halifax, 1867-1900
Remarks on the French memorials concerning the limits of Acadia
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