Pond in bog, Goose Bay, Labrador
Sandy plateau in Goose Bay, Labrador
Goose Bay airfield
Goose Bay airport
Furrows in sphagnum bog
Torrington Basin, Goose Bay, Labrador
Newfoundland at the beginning of the 20th century : a treatise of history and development
Our North land
The ""Adventures of England"" on Hudson's Bay
The confederation of the British North American provinces : their past and future prospects
McAlpine's Maritime Provinces Directory for 1870-71
Handbook of Indians of Canada: published as an appendix to the tenth report of the Geographic Board of Canada
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia : a sequel to Campbell's history
British America. Vol. II
New Brunswick, with a brief outline of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Alberta Hansard, 1982, Mar. 4-May 4
Alberta : past and present, historical and biographical
Alberta Hansard, 1981-82, May 22-Mar. 1
1920-01-02 - 1923-11-09

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