Farm humour...'Har har har this one's a real Wiebo Ludwig!!'' [Wiebo Ludwig investigated, but not charged, in relation to the shooting death of a female teenager, Karman Willis.]
'Mr. Bailey, after you had crashed your car, you sprinted from the scene...why?' 'It's what I do, sir.''
[Clifford Olson, convicted serial killer, denied parole.]
News item - Prospective jurors can be question[ed] about racial views...'You call yourself well balanced?' 'I hates everybody equally!!''
Discrimination against Blacks in Nova Scotia : the criminal justice system
Reform Party Criminal Justice Task Force report
Correspondence respecting certain officials in the colonies of British Columbia and Vancouver Island
'Oh my Gawd! Connie are you hit?!!' 'I'm okay Babs! It glanced off my Order of Canada medallion!''
Dear Mom, a TV crew was just here and guess what...I'm gonna be on the life styles of the rich and famous.'
Ray Gustavson and Karen Vallette  - Young Offenders Act Forum
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1992
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1992
Stephen Harper's speeches
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1995
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1993
Reform Party of Canada's constitution
A study of university government and organizations for campus administration, University of Alberta
Reform Party of Canada's constitution
German rule in Africa
Report from your board : Western Canada Concept Party
Reform Party of Canada's constitution
Reform Party of Canada's constitution
German colonies : what is to become of them?, The
Reform Party of Canada's constitution
Le Régime militaire dans le gouvernement des Trois-Rivières, 1760-1764
Les juges de la province de Québec
Germany's colonial failure : her rule in Africa condemned on German evidence
[The Devil welcomes Clifford Olson to Hell].
Reform Party Charter of Rights Task Force report
Report of the Minister of Justice
Character of the British Empire, The
Quick Facts
Reform Party Task Force on National Defence report
Truth and travesty : an analytical study of the reply of the Belgian government to the German white book ("Die wolkerrechtwidrige [sic] fuhrung des belgischen volkskrieg")
University of Calgary Honorary Degree Recipients: Laycraft, The Honourable Chief Justice James Herbert
Reform Party Task Force on the Party Constitution Preamble report
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1988
Quick Facts
News clippings: campus esthetics
Life of Colonel Talbot and the Talbot settlement, its rise and progress
A Report of certain proceedings of the inhabitants of the town of St. John, in the island of Newfoundland
Reform Party Task Force on Health Care report
Reform Party of Canada's election platform
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1994.
Reform Party Task Force on Zero in Three report
Reform Party Green Book: issues and answers
Edward Stanley Pipella admitted to bar, Calgary, Alberta.
Western Assembly delegates' package.
Reform Party Aboriginal Affairs Task Force report
L' organisation sociale à Place-Royale, 1760-1820
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