The Heart of the continent : being the history of Assiniboia--the truly typical Canadian community
East of the Red : early Ukrainian settlements, 1896-1930. Volume 1
History of the Faculty of Pharmacy, 1899-1999
History of Emerson, Featuring Historical Sketches of Surrounding Districts.
The Development of Winnipeg's socialist movement, 1900 to 1915
Rockwood echoes : 90 years of progress, 1870-1960 : a history of the men and women who pioneered the Rockwood Municipality
Women of Red River; being a book written from the recollections of women surviving from the Red River era
The history of the North-West rebellion of 1885
In the Beginning ….
Proudly we speak : a history of the Rural Municipality of Woodworth
Corner stones of empire : the settlement of Crystal City and district in the Rock Lake country
Homesteaders and homemakers : a history of Elton Municipality in its first century
Peaceful invasion
Reminiscences of the North-west rebellions, with a record of the raising of Her Majesty's 100th regiment in Canada, and a chapter on Canadian social & political life
German community in Winnipeg, 1872 to 1919, The
The correction line
Chief Peguis and his descendants
Third crossing : a history of the first quarter century of the Town and District of Gladstone in the Province of Manitoba
Louis Riel : a bibliography
A history of Birch River and districts
Kelwood bridges the years, 1890-1967
History and folklore of the Whiteshell Park North : Lakes Brereton, Red Rock, Jessica, White, Big Whiteshell, Betula, Barrier Bay, Nutimik, Dorothy, Otter Falls, Eleanor, Pointe du Bois, George
An Apple for the teacher : a centennial history of the Winnipeg School Division
Louis Riel : un homme à pendre
Twixt Hill and Vale : A Story of Rathwell and Surrounding District
Histoire Abrégée de l'Ouest Canadien : Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta et Grand-Nord
The Hudson's Bay Company's land tenures and the occupation of Assiniboia by Lord Selkirk's settlers : with a list of grantees under the Earl and the company
Louis Riel : a bibliography
The Pantages : 75 Years unequalled entertainment, 1914-1989
Ten years in Winnipeg, a narration of the principal events in the history of the city of Winnipeg from the year A.D., 1870, to the year A.D., 1879, inclusive
History of Saskatchewan and the Old North West
Reinland : An Experience in Community
Stonewall : turning a century, 1878-1978
A square deal for all : historical essays on labour in Brandon
Tiger Hills to the Assiniboine
Tribute to Soldiers and Pioneers of the Langruth District
Trials of the Pioneers
Under Whose Shade
Down memory lane : a history of the Domain community, 1867-1967
First furrows : a history of the early settlement of the Red River country, including that of Portage la Prairie
The pioneer cook : a historical view of Canadian Prairie food
People and Progress: A Co-op Story
The Valley Comes of Age
An historical souvenir diary of the city of Winnipeg, Canada
The Hudson Bay road (1498-1915)
They stopped at a good place: a history of the Beausejour, Brokenhead, Garson and Tyndall area of Manitoba, 1875-1981
A Tribute to Soldiers and Pioneers of the Langruth District
The Canadian North-West : its early development and legislative records : minutes of the councils of the Red River Colony and the Northern Department of Rupert's Land. Volume II
A century of service : a history of the Winnipeg Police Force, 1874-1974
Echoes of our past : Bradwell, Clavet and district
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