Sunset playgrounds : fishing days and others in California and Canada
Old California [revised synopsis]
Roughing it after gold
Old California [synopsis]
Isatis tinctoria Linnaeus
Movie Madness [revised draft]
Letters between Universal Pictures Corporation and Winnifred Reeve, 1929-1939
Barbary Coast [treatment draft]
Movie Madness [drafts, parts 2-5]
Movie Madness [revised draft]
Movie Madness [synopsis]
Movie Madness [manuscript]
Movie Madness [revised draft]
Movie Madness [manuscript]
Barbary Coast [marked treatment draft]
Barbary Coast [synopsis, draft]
Hollywood Melody [synopsis drafts]
Barbary Coast [outline]
Barbary Coast [marked treatment draft copy]
Oregon Trail [research, notes, scenarios]
Ranunculus uncinatus D. Don ex G. Don
Telegrams to JWD on return home – from Rotary clubs and Layton Ralston
Old California [scenarios]
Six ans en Amerique (Californie et Orgeon)
Part of letter from J. U. March, 1930
Letter from Frederick W. Leistikow to Charles F. Gray, June 10th, 1919
Letters between Winnifred Eaton Reeve and Doris Rooney, 1948-1952
Letters between Tim Rooney and Doris Rooney, and Letters between George R. Bentel and  Scott Perkins, 1949-1951
Letter from Ida Mayer Cummings to Winnifred Reeve, March 29, 1946
Newspaper articles
Letters from Doris Rooney to Ben Medford Agency, 1954 and letter from Ben Medford to Winnifred Reeve, 1946
Correspondence between Fox Film Corporation Studio and Winnifred Reeve, 1933-1934
Agreements regarding "Illegitimate," "Hollywood Melody" and other manuscripts
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