The University of Calgary Data Centre: the University Information Centre - its functions and scope (report no. 8)
Residence Yearbook 1983–84, University of Calgary
Residence Yearbook 1984–85, University of Calgary
Rapport de l'Archiviste de la Province de Québec
An ordinary woman in extraordinary times
Country crossroads : a history of Gardenview-Lawton, Stewartfield & Mosside
Township of South Dorchester, Township of Southwold, Township of Malahide, Township of Dunwich, Elgin County
Specifications: flammable liquid storage building for the University of Calgary Alberta
Alberta Journals, 1931, 7th Leg., 1st Sess.
Learning in future education - proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Assisted Learning in Post-Secondary Education
History of the campus
Natural isotopes in environmental studies - chapter XI: sulphur isotopes in our environment
Progress Report 2004/2005 Department of Geomatics Engineering Schulich School of Engineering
Strategic plan for the Division of International Development - dialogue on development report No. R93/1
Department of Geomatics Engineering progress report, 2002-2003 - UCGE report number 50034
An analysis of the high frequency behaviour of the covered interest parity relation, Department of Economics discussion papers series No. 97
Department of Geomatics Engineering progress report, 2000-2001 - UCGE number 50032
The ABC's of the I.D.R.
Department of Geomatics Engineering progress report, 1995-1996 - UCGE reports number 50027
Study of subsea blowouts: report on a large bubble dynamics study
Geographic information: linking systems to science, progress report 1999-2004
KNES 213 W1997
University offices building 1967
KNES 213 P1996
KNES 213 W1998
KNES 213 P1997
Department of Geology and Geophysics annual report 2000
Department of Geomatics Engineering progress report 2001/02 - UCGE number 50033
Department of Geomatics Engineering progress report, 2003-2004 - UCGE report number 50035
Electrical Engineering 1988 annual report
Financial plan project for colleges and universities - planning paper two: a data base
A guide to the ACS student micro lab
Report of research grants 1985-1986
Annual Report for UofC 101 1998
Report of research grants 1981-1982
Faculty of Social Sciences report of Staff Affairs Committee on Teaching Evaluation
Projected program developments for the School of Nursing, submission to Academic Policy Committee
Report of research grants 1982-1983
KNES 213 W1999
Trials of the Pioneers
Technologies in the learning environment: some strategies for success
Human Resources report on the Professional Faculties Building
Department of Geology and Geophysics annual report 2003
The libraries of Alberta's universities: a brief to the Minister's Advisory Committee on University Affairs
University computing requirements: IBM 360/50 facility study report
Computer Services users' guide to computer program library
KNES 213 P1998
Julia McFarlane Diabetes Research Centre annual report 1997
Canada and the Road to the Twenty-First Century: The Impact of the Technological Revolution on Canadian Cultural Sovereignty and the Implications for Canadian Youth
University Computing Services development plan
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