The Ronald B. Bond Bach organ inaugural festival and symposium, September 22-30, 2006
CBC at St. James' May 7, 1973
Music for one -- music for all : the story of the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association, 1908-1988
CBC Concerts at St. James' November 6, 1972
CBC and The Canada Council: The World Premiere of Lustro
CBC Radio Presents: 100-Voice Toronto Mendelssohn Choir,  1973
CBC Presents: The 1972 Canadian Music Council Conference, 1972
CBC  at St. James' January 17, 1972
CBC Presents: The Orford Quartet, December 9, 1972
CBC: St. Lawrence Hall Concerts, February 24, 1968
CBC Presents: The Orford String Quartet, July 10, 1973
CBC: St. Lawrence Hall Concerts, March 23, 1968
CBC: International Music Day, October 1, 1978
CBC at St. James' April 30, 1973
CBC Presents: Steven Staryk, Paul Helmer, November 9, 1972
CBC Toronto Festival, July 21, 1971
CBC Presents: Phyllis Mailing, William Aide, The Vaghy String Quartet, June, 1974
CBC Concerts at St. James' March, 1971
CBC  at St. James'  Novemeber 15, 1971
CBC Concerts at St. James' December 4, 1972
CBC Presents: Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, Arthur Rowe, July 16, 1973
New Music Concerts, 1978
CBC/ The Canadian Conference of the Arts, Presents Lois Marshall, Maureen Forrester, Yehudi Wyner, 1972
CBC Concerts at St. James' May, 1971
CBC Toronto Festival, July 23, 1971
The Rozsa Centre: hear the world, November 2-15, 1997
CBC at St. James' Februray 14, 1972
CBC Concerts at St. James' April, 1971
CBC Presents: The Group of London, Nov. 4, 1974
Sounds of music, 1931-1981 : a fifty-year history of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra
CBC at St. James' November 22, 1973
Music and Communications: Glenn Gould's 'Higher Calling'
Festival '72
Faculty of Fine Arts scholarly activities, 1992
Faculty of Fine Arts annual report 1992-1993
Department of Music Self Study
Faculty of Fine Arts report on research: excellence in creativity
Review of the Graduate Program in Music, University of Calgary
Banff School of Fine Arts annual summer sessions: 32nd, 34th, and 37th
Annual Report 1969–1970, University of Calgary
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 002, Number 012
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 002, Number 011
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