CBC Music Policies and the Broadcasting Environment
Canadian Broadcast Policy and the Development of Concert Music 1930-1980
The Rise of Commercialism in Television Broadcasting: A Perspective on the Situation in Canada and Europe
Canada as a cultural laboratory: Aspects of Canadian Cultural Policy, 1982-1994
The impact of foreign electronic media on cultural sovereignty:  Canada as a case study
The Many Musics of Today and the Broadcasting System in Canada
The Crisis of Canadian Cultural Sovereignty
The Electronic Media and Cultural Sovereignty in an Era of Free Trade
Sunday afternoon radio broadcasts, 1949
A report and a project proposal on community and educational cable-casting for Alberta
The golden age of achievement: four aspects of CBC music programming 1950-1980
Communciations in Canada: past, present and future
The Impact of Communications in Canada
International Aspects of Canadian Communications Policies
Evolving  Cultural  Policies  in  Europe...
Radio broadcast: Sunday Broadcast, Your MP Speaks
Canada and the Road to the Twenty-First Century: The Impact of the Technological Revolution on Canadian Cultural Sovereignty and the Implications for Canadian Youth
Tradition and change:  the metamorphosis of culture and the place of arts in the eletronic media environment
Radio broadcasts, 1978-1979
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