Kamloops mining camp
Gold, gold in Cariboo! : a story of adventure in British Columbia
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 11, no. 2 (February, 1941)
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 13, no. 4 (March, 1943)
British Columbia : Emigration and our colonies, considered practically, socially, and…
The Far West Coast
The Naturalist in Vancouver Island and British Columbia
Very far west indeed: a few rough experiences on the North-West Pacific coast
Esquimalt Naval Base : a history of its work and its defences
Northwest British North America and its Relations to the state of Minnesota : a report
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 7, no. 8 (June, 1937)
The Victoria Fire Department, coronation souvenir
British Columbia and Vancouver's Island : comprising a description of these dependencies : their…  (3rd ed.)
By ocean, prairie and peak : some gleanings from an emigrant chaplain's log, on journeys to British Columbia, Manitoba, and Eastern Canada
Early History of the Fraser River Mines
Facts and Figures Relating to Vancouver Island and British Columbia Showing what to Expect and How to get There : with illustrative maps
Life on the frontier : a sketch of the Parry Sound colonies that settled near Edmonton, N.W.T., in the early nineties
With the International Brigade in Spain
Vancouver's Island, the New Colony
The trottings of a tenderfoot : a visit to the Columbia fiords, and Spitzbergen
A cruise in the Pacific : from the log of a naval officer. Volume 2
Navigations, traffiques and discoveries, 1774-1848
William Edward Meredith Holmes fonds
Who's who in the Northwest. Vol. 2 (1917) : a biographical dictionary of men and women : especially compiled for newspaper and library reference
Mountain and prairie : a journey from Victoria to Winnipeg via Peace River pass
The Dixon-Meares Controversy
British finance and Prussian militarism : two interviews.
Queen Charlotte Islands : A narrative of discovery and adventure in the North Pacific
How can war ever be right?
Reports and documents in reference to the location of the line and a western terminal harbour, 1878
Sunset playgrounds : fishing days and others in California and Canada
MOANA : Medical Officers, Army, Navy, Air Force: 50 years After
Roughing it after gold
Les Cahiers des Dix. Volume 27
England and Canada : a summer tour between old and New Westminster, with historical notes
From Ontario to the Pacific by the C.P.R.
Souvenirs d'un missionnaire en Colombie Britannique
Vancouver Island and its missions, 1874-1900 : reminiscences of A. J. Brabant
Great Britain and the War : a book for boys and girls
Chinese pirates article
Forty years in Canada; reminiscences of the great Northwest, with some account of his service in South Africa, by Colonel S.B. Steele
Great Britain and the War: A Book for Boys and Girls
Breaking Prairie Sod
"Scare-mongerings," from the Daily mail, 1896-1914 : the paper that foretold the war
The golden north : a vast country of inexhaustable gold fields, and a land of illimitable cereal and stock raising capabilities
How the British blockade works : an interview with Rear-Admiral Sir Dudley de Chair, K.C.B., M.V.O.
Jews among the Entente leaders
Pioneers of Sunrise and Two Rivers
Sir Edward Grey's reply to Dr. Von Bethmann-Hollweg
Diplomatic correspondence respecting the war published by the French government
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