The Pacific Railway : Britannicus' letters from the Ottawa Citizen
Building a dream : the co-operative retailing system in Western Canada, 1928-1988
Health bulletin (Victoria, B.C.). Vol. 19, no. 8 (August, 1949)
Pioneer days of Nakusp and the Arrow Lakes : Nakusp diamond jubilee, 1892-1952
Life on the frontier : a sketch of the Parry Sound colonies that settled near Edmonton, N.W.T., in the early nineties
Latin American studies at the University of Calgary: a statement of policy
England and Canada : a summer tour between old and New Westminster, with historical notes
Measuring the user costs of exhaustible resource consumption, Department of Economics discussion papers series No. 101
Structural change in the Czechoslovak economy (1967-1977), Department of Economics discussion papers series No. 68
Quick Facts
Centennial History of Salmon Arm
Economic development speech
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1990
Testing for government spending convergence across Canadian provinces: Department of Economics discussion paper series 97-09
Stephen Harper's speeches
Quest for a profession : the history of the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing
Preston Manning's Speeches, 1993
The golden north : a vast country of inexhaustable gold fields, and a land of illimitable cereal and stock raising capabilities
Group settlement : ethnic communities in western Canada
Report to the Senate of the University of Calgary of its Task Force on Public Representation on Policy-Making Bodies of the University
Centre for Health and Policy Studies annual report 2003
Canada and the Road to the Twenty-First Century: The Impact of the Technological Revolution on Canadian Cultural Sovereignty and the Implications for Canadian Youth
As their natural resources fail : native peoples and the economic history of Northern Manitoba, 1870-1930
Economic benefits provided to the Province of Alberta by the Faculty of the University of Calgary
Blue Book
The Electronic Media and Cultural Sovereignty in an Era of Free Trade
Thomas Flanagan's speeches
Blue Book
The  fur trade in Canada : an introduction to Canadian economic history
Tomslake : history of the Sudeten Germans in Canada
Reclaiming our communities from the global economy - dialogue on development discussion paper no. DP95/2
Yellowhead Pass and its People
The Canadian West : social change and economic development
Prophecy of the swan : the upper Peace River fur trade of 1794-1823
Western Assembly delegates' package.
Quality of life vs. economic growth: can less mean more? Community seminar series #4
WIP News (Western Independence Party)
Reform Party Assembly delegates' package
Proceedings of the conference on energy: rights & responsibilities, held on March 21-23, 1976 at Calgary, Alberta
Prince Edward Island, Canada : Its Resources and Opportunities
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