University of Calgary Honorary Degree Recipients: Bernardi, Mario
CBC/ Queen's University: The National Arts Centre Orchestra, Mario Bernardi, Maureen Forrester, 1978
CBC: International Music Day, October 1, 1978
CBC Toronto Festival, May 1969
CBC Toronto Festival, Music of Quebec
University of Calgary Convocation, Part I, June 6th, 1990
Faculty of Fine Arts scholarly activities, 1992
The Implications of Canada's Cultural Crisis
Faculty of Fine Arts annual report 1992-1993
CBC Ottawa Radio Festival, July 1971
Department of Music Self Study
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 020, Number 005
CBC Toronto Festival, 1967
Gauntlet, Volume 001, Number 011
The golden age of achievement: four aspects of CBC music programming 1950-1980
CBC Music Policies and the Broadcasting Environment
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 029, Number 007
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 012, Number 035
Gauntlet, Volume 024, Number 017
Gauntlet, Volume 028, Number 011
Gauntlet, Volume 027, Number 014
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 020, Number 027
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 027, Number 017
Gauntlet Summer Edition, Volume 013, Number 001
Gauntlet, Volume 025, Number 004
University of Calgary Convocation, November 1997
Canadian Broadcast Policy and the Development of Concert Music 1930-1980
Gauntlet, Volume 025, Number 021
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 027, Number 007
Gauntlet, Volume 028, Number 012
The Italian immigrant woman in North America
VOX Magazine, September 1986, Issue 32
40 Years of Autonomy, 1966-2006
A church in the Glebe : St. Matthew's, Ottawa, 1898-1988 : a history prepared for the occasion of the 90th anniversary of St. Matthew's Church
Alberta Gazette 1983
The Italian immigrant experience
A place of ingenuity: the Faculty of Engineering
Bloodless War
Alberta Hansard, 1990, Nov. 26-Dec. 14 and index

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