Beaumont : histoire de Beaumont et district, 1885-1960
Dreams and determination,  the legacy continues… a history of Grassland and districts. Volume 2
From spruce trees to wheatfields: Plamondon. Volume 2, 1988-2008
Wandering River history. Volume 3, 1984-2008
Along the Crocus Trail : a history of Daysland and districts
From spruce trees to wheatfields: Plamondon
Treasured memories : Gwynne and district
Forests to grainfields
Lac La Biche : yesterday and today
A cyclopædia of Canadian biography  : brief biographies of persons distinguished in the professional, military and political life and the commerce and industry of Canada, in the twentieth century
The big bend
Heritage of the high country : a history of Del Bonita and surrounding districts
Ripples and Reflections : Hanley
Over the years : a history of the Rimbey area
The Bend: A History of West Lethbridge
Carbon : our history, our heritage
Along the North End trail
Sedgewick sentinel : a history of Sedgewick and surrounding district
Busby's busy years
Three trails home : a history of Mayerthorpe and districts, Alberta, Canada
Salute the pioneers : Round Hill & district
Beyond our prairie Trails, V. 2 Family histories
St. Lina and surrounding area
Strathmore : the village that moved : a story of the town of Strathmore
Our heroes in the Great World War : giving facts and details of Canada's part in the greatest war in history
The Bitter 'n sweet : the history of the Bittern Lake-Sifton District
Forests, furrows and faith : a history of Boyle and districts
The Black Robe's Vision : A History of St. Albert & District.  Volume 1
The road from yesterday to today : history of Tiger Hills, Waitville & districts
Across the Smoky
Sons of wind and soil
Echoes of our past : Bradwell, Clavet and district
Prairie legacy : [Grosswerder and surrounding districts]
War book of Upper Canada College, Toronto, The
The Imperial review
Moosomin Century One : Town and Country
Wilkie, Saskatchewan, 1908-1988.  Volume 1
Blucher builders : Blucher community, 1900-1982
Lashburn and district history : a  history of Lashburn and district
Aberdeen, 1907-1981
University of Toronto roll of service, 1914-1918
Bridging the Past, volume II : Wolseley history book
Between the Touchwoods : a history of Punnichy and districts
Maple Creek & area : where past is present. Vol. Two
Blended heritage
Chamberlain crossroads : a trip back in time
Taming a wilderness : a history of Ashern and district
Prairie views from Eye Hill
Parkland Trails : histories of R.M. of Invermay and villages of Invermay and Rama
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