La bataille de Batoche : une petite guerre
The Battle of Batoche : British small warfare and the entrenched Métis
Cemetery, Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Cemetery, Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Mass grave of Metis who fell at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Signature of Lieutenant Colonel W. S. Morris, North-west Mounted Police.
Monument in cemetery, Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Gabriel Dumont's grave and monument, Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Signature of W. J. McLean, Hudson's Bay Company factor, Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan.
Militia troops first sight of Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Batoche : les missionnaires du Nord-Ouest pendant les troubles de 1885
Plaque on cairn at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Battleford beleaguered, 1885 : the story of the Riel uprising from the columns of the Saskatchewan Herald
Rebel rifle pits, near Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Church and rectory as viewed from cemetery at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Rebel's rifle pits, with wounded near Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Middleton's trenches at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Battleford beleaguered, 1885 : the story of the Riel Uprising from the columns of the Saskatchewan Herald
Detailed report upon all claims to land and right to participate in the North-West Half-Breed Grant by settlers along the South Saskatchewan and vicinity, west of Range 26, W. 2nd Meridian [...]
House at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Front of the rebel position at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Driving the rebels back from Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Start of the battle of Batoche, Saskatchewan.
First check of Canadian troops at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Rebel rifle pits at Batoche after the fight, Saskatchewan.
Common grave of Metis, Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Sign at entrance to National Historic Site, Batoche, Saskatchewan.
A' Battery supporting the guns at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Signatures of eight men imprisoned at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Militia rifle pits on the river at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Rear of rebel position at Batoche where ponies were killed, Saskatchewan.
Where 'A' Battery attempted the rush and lost heavily at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
View of Batoche from where Lieutenant W.C. Fitch was killed, Saskatchewan.
John Tomkins, farm instructor, Poundmaker's reserve, Saskatchewan.
Shelling Batoche, last shot before the attack on the guns, Saskatchewan.
The zariba, or enclosure for Militia camp protection at Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Monument in Metis cemetery, Batoche, Saskatchewan.
The history of the North-West rebellion of 1885
Stanislaus Almighty Voice, Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Louis Riel : a bibliography
Epitome of Parliamentary documents in connection with the North-West Rebellion, 1885
Captain John French taking three Native spies prisioner near Fish Creek, Saskatchewan.
Wounded Metis, with scout and 90th Winnipeg Battalion Soldier.
Church which was under siege during Riel Rebellion, Batoche, Saskatchewan.
Section of building at Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan.
Building at Fort Pitt, Saskatchewan.
Indian agency buildings, Onion Lake, Saskatchewan.
Aux prises avec la tourmente : les missionnaires de la colonie de Saint-Laurent-de-Grandin durant l'insurrection métisse de 1885
Indian agency buildings, Onion Lake, Saskatchewan.
Militia men sleep in the trenches.
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