Don Horwood - UofA Bears Basketball
Brian Heaney - Basketball
John Dewar ... UAC basketball team coach
High school basketball, Calgary, Alberta.
Reunion of Edmonton Grad's basketball team, Edmonton, Alberta.
Women's basketball team
Basketball : Saskatchewan's story, 1891-1989
Edmonton Grads leaving for Paris, Edmonton, Alberta.
High school basketball winners, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary Jimmies basketball team, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary Boys' Club basketball champions, Calgary, Alberta.
Young Men's Christian Association basketball team, Calgary, Alberta.
Basketball team, Willow Creek, Alberta.
Basketball team, Canucks Athletic Club, Calgary, Alberta.
Raymond Union Jacks basketball team, Raymond, Alberta.
Young Women's Christian Association basketball team, Edmonton, Alberta.
KNES 201 Basketball W2000
KNES 201 Basketball W2005
KNES 201 Basketball W2002
KNES 201 Basketball F1999
KNES 201 Basketball F2000
KNES 201 Basketball W2004
KNES 201 Basketball W2003
KNES 201 Basketball F2001
KNES 201 Basketball W2001
KNES 201 Basketball F2003
KNES 201 Basketball F2002
University of Alberta basketball team, Edmonton, Alberta.
Percy Page, Edmonton, Alberta.
Percy Page, Edmonton, Alberta.
Bicks Bombers, men's basketball champions, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Calgary Buffalos, Canadian basketball champions.
Girl's basketball team, Lethbridge Collegiate Institute, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Edmonton Grads Basketball team, Edmonton, Alberta.
Presentation of Imperial Oil trophy to Sunalta School, Calgary, Alberta.
Sitting on top of the world, 1915-1940
Portrait of John Percy Page, Edmonton, Alberta.
University of Alberta Basketball, Edmonton, Alberta.
Calgary Jimmies basketball team, Calgary, Alberta.
Hudson Bay Basketball Team, The 'Fur Trappers', 1924, Edmonton, Alberta.
Peigan boys basketball team and Pincher Creek picnicers on stage coach.
Image of a composite photograph of the 1977–1978 University of Calgary Dinosaurs basketball coaches.
Image of University of Calgary varsity basketball coach Don Newton using a video tape replay machine during a practice of the men's basketball team.
Image of Don Newton, coach of the University of Calgary Dinosaurs basketball team instructing Hans Schamp and Robin Fry (right) during practice.
PHED 411 F1987
PHED 411 S1983
PHED 411 F1990
PHED 411 F1988
PHED 411 F1992
PHED 411 F1993
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