John Watters and Alex Watters, Bankhead, Alberta.
Miners, Bankhead, Alberta.
Bankhead football team, Bankhead, Alberta.
Bankhead Football Club, Bankhead, Alberta.
Mine entrance, Bankhead, Alberta.
Post office at Bankhead, Alberta.
Group at Lillian Ophelia Gahn/Joseph John Cole  wedding, Bankhead, Alberta.
Mine manager's house and office, Bankhead, Alberta.
Entrance to Bankhead mine, Alberta.
Bankhead : the twenty year town
School children at Bankhead, Alberta.
Coal mining, Bankhead, Alberta.
Roman Catholic Church, Bankhead, Alberta.
Mine yard at A level, Bankhead, Alberta.
Log cottage on road, Bankhead, Alberta.
War memorial, Bankhead, Alberta.
Camp by Cascade river, near Banff, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. George Able, Banff pioneers, Banff, Alberta.
Banff, Alberta.
Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Rozmus, Coleman, Alberta.
First bridge over Devil's Canyon, below dam, on road to Minnewanka, Alberta.
J. A. Reid family in buggy at Banff, Alberta.
J. A. Reid, Mrs. J. A. Reid and daughter Oren, Banff, Alberta.
Canmore Eagles, junior hockey team, Canmore, Alberta.
Robert C. 'Bob' Edwards, Calgary, Alberta.
Daisy Carrol and friend, Harry Musgrove, Canmore, Alberta.
Riverside Iron Works, Calgary, Alberta.
Old bridge over Spray River, Banff, Alberta.
Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta.
Walter Fulmer family group, Banff, Alberta.
H.W. McNeill's band, Canmore, Alberta.
Cave and Basin swimming pool (hot springs), Sulphur Springs Basin, Banff, Alberta.
Coal miners, possibly in the Red Deer River Valley near Drumheller, Alberta.
J. A. Reid family in buggy at Banff, Alberta.
Boys' junior hockey team, Canmore Tigers, Canmore, Alberta.
Andrew Sibbald, Morley, Alberta.
George Fear, Banff, Alberta.
Mrs. R. G. Brett, Banff, Alberta.
Meet Southern Alberta
Doctor Norman B. Sanson on Mount Rundle, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Bob Robertson, Banff, Alberta.
Dorothy Oxborough and painting, Banff, Alberta.
Brett Hospital staff, Banff, Alberta.
Bill Peyto, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Sarah Twoyoungmen and Gussie Bigstoney, Morley, Alberta.
Pioneers of Banff area, Alberta.
Portrait of Bill Peyto, Banff area, Alberta.
Group of residents, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Stoney at Indian Agency, Morley, Alberta.
Alberta's Coal Industry, 1919
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