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Bow River and Goat Mtn., Banff.
Bridal Falls, nr Lake Agnes.
Lake Minnewanka, Banff.
Bow Falls, Banff.
C.P.R. Hotel, Banff.
Tea Room at Lake Agnes
Elymus violaceus (Hornemann) Feilberg
Valley of Ten Peaks, from auto road.
Consolation Valley
Lake Louise, Alberta
Moraine Lake.
Cascade Mountain, Banff Alberta from The Park Administrative Building
The Beehive, nr Lake Louise
Glacier Trail, Lake Louise.
Mt. Bident and Consolation Lake.
Mt. Quadra, Consolation Lake.
[Lake Louise rail depot]
Lake Louise.
Bow Falls and Cascade Mtn., Banff.
Bow Falls, Banff.
Hot Springs & Bow Valley, Banff.
Cascade Mountain
Hot Springs Trail, Banff.
The Hoodoos, Banff.
Yak, Banff.
Cave and Basin, Banff.
C.P.R. Hotel, Lake Louise.
The Chalet, Lake Louise.
Johnson Canyon, Falls.
Johnson Creek Canyon.
Johnson Creek Canyon.
Bow Valley, Banff.
Bow Valley, Banff.
Cascade Mtn., Banff.
Mt. Rundle, Banff.
Mt. Assiniboine, nr. Banff.
Lake Louise.
Moraine Lake.
Moraine Lake.
Moraine Lake.
Bow Valley & C.P.R. Swimming Pool Banff.
Mt. Assiniboine, nr. Banff.
Buffalo, Banff.
Lake Louise.
Mt. Lefroy, Lake Louise.
Lake Louise. Winter.
Festuca baffinensis Polunin
Festuca brachyphylla Schultes
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