CBC Festival of Music 1968, September 19 to October 5
OLADE energy and environment project: Latin America and Caribbean Region - 2001-2002 second quarter report (CIDA project number 540/19428) - report number 21
Souvenir illustrated : facts of interest, past and present, 1888-1911
Québecensia : vol. 3 : 1982
Library situation assessment: final report
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 027, Number 028
Trois siècles de médecine québécoise
Calixa Lavallée, musicien national du Canada
Making Information Count: An Integrated Knowledge Service for Healthcare Practitioners, Staff, Patients and their Families
Chambers's Journal
More than a hospital : University of Alberta hospitals, 1906-1986
Toronto's people
Samuel Champlain : fondateur de Québec et père de la Nouvelle-France : histoire de sa vie et de ses voyages. Volume 2
Bulletin paroissial de Saint-Jean-Baptiste

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