The objectives, functions, and services of the University of Alberta, Calgary Audio-Visual Services Centre�
EDCI 553-03 EDCI 553-04 S1977
Academic planning report no. 4, volume 1: information resources and educational technology
EDCI 553-03 EDCI 553-04 S1979
EDCI 561 F1984
EDCI 561 S1983
EDCI 561 F1983
EDCI 561 F1986
The functional role of communications media in the context of university education
Proposed media facilities for the Faculty of Law
EDCI 457 S1982
EDCI 561 F1985
MacEwan Hall expansion and the XV Winter Olympic Games
EDCI 561 S1984
EDCI 563 W1985
Academic Planning Committee report of the Subcommittee of Information Resources and Educational Technology
EDCI 457 S1981
Campus Calgary Digital Library, Master Plan Program, May 2005 Draft
EDCI 563 S1985
University of Calgary Information Commons master plan program
NURS Nursing I F1979
Materials Management Department 2000-2001 supplier activities statistics
University of Calgary stage IV - Science Complex, Earth Sciences Building
University of Calgary information for new staff
WurcNet 1997 business plan
Materials Management Department 2001-2002 supplier activity report
Detailed design proposal for the Nickle Arts Museum, the University of Calgary
Evaluation report on the Total Community Education Project of the Flathead Valley Community College
PHED 569 W1989
A vision for the new information commons: information services for the digital age
Capital budget requirements for the Professional Faculties Building
Program data from long range development plan, the University of Calgary, Health Sciences Centre educational facilities
A conservation assessment of the University of Calgary Archives
A comprehensive building program for the Faculty of Management
MKTG 341 W1997
Library of the University of Calgary
Academic planning project prepared for University of Calgary Information Services
UofC Humanities, Handbook for Students Interested in the Humanities
Guide to the Medical Library
A prospectus on existing, planned and required buildings
Communications Media study: reservation and scheduling system for media resources
EDCI 563 EDIS 525-63 EDIS 525-64 W1987
Students' Union library evaluation (1979)
New faculty information package 1998
Report on the Future Fund
Library staff handbook, 1978
Gauntlet, Volume 017, Number 003
Campus Calgary Digital Library Business Plan
Faculty information package, August 1977
Reform Party Task Force on Democratic Populism report
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