The objectives, functions and services of the University of Alberta, Calgary Audio-Visual Services Centre (Instructional Media, Communications and Technology Service Centre)
Episode 10: Alice King / Vanessa Warne
EDCI 561 F1976
EDCI 561 F1975
EDCI 561 F1974
Episode 12: Heid E. Erdrich / Mishuana Goeman
EDCI 553-03 EDCI 553-04 S1979
Academic planning report no. 4, volume 1: information resources and educational technology
EVDS 613 F1988
Administrative integration of information resources and services in universities in Canada and the United States: a report to the Council on Library Resources
EDCI 358 W1981
EDCI 563 S1983
Detailed program for the Education Building (1970)
EDCI 439 W1982
EDCI 553-03 EDCI 553-04 S1977
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