Royal Bank of Canada, Athabasca, Alberta.
Imperial Bank of Canada, Athabasca, Alberta.
Bank at Fort Smith, Northwest Territories (NWT).
Athabasca Landing
First bank in the Northwest Territories (NWT), at Fort Smith.
A history of the schools of the county of Athabasca
Site of Henry House in Jasper National Park, Alberta.
Washing gold on Peace River, Alberta.
Royal Bank of Canada, Peace River Crossing, Alberta.
Buildings at Athabasca Landing, Alberta.
View of Athabasca tar sand banks, Athabasca River, Alberta.
Northern Trek: April, 1910
The Athabaska River country : a compilation of all authentic information available as to the resources and possibilities of the Athabaska River basin, 1916
Hislop and Nagle Company scow being guided through rapids north of Athabasca Landing, Alberta.
Canada and its provinces : a history of the Canadian peoples and their institutions. Volume 10, Section V : the Dominion : industrial expansion, Part II
Crossfield, Alberta, Bylaws, 1972
Peace River, Alberta, Bylaws, 1957
Canmore, Alberta, Bylaws, Rescinded, 1971
Indian names for Alberta communities
St. Albert, Alberta, Bylaws, 2003
St. Albert, Alberta, Bylaws, 1977
Alberta Gazette 1917, Part 1
Four-horse team pulling threshing machine up bank away from river, Lower Peace River, Alberta.
Alberta Gazette 1986, Part 1
Place Names of Alberta. Volume IV. Northern Alberta
Alberta Gazette 1935
Lethbridge, Alberta, Bylaws, 1999
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Bylaws, 2003
Place Names of Alberta. Volume III. Central Alberta
Alberta Gazette 1914, part 1
Health units of Alberta
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Bylaws, 2001
Lethbridge, Alberta, Bylaws, 2000
Alberta Gazette 1918
Alberta Hansard, 1973, index
Yellowhead Pass and its People
Alberta Journals, 1914, 3rd Leg., 2nd Sess.
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Bylaws, 2010
Alberta Bills: 3rd Legislature, 2nd Session
Alberta Gazette 1947
Alberta Gazette 1915
Fort Assiniboine, Alberta, 1823-1914 : fur trade post to settled district
Alberta Gazette 1975, part 1
Statutes of the Province of Alberta 1914
Alberta Journals 1911-12 2nd Leg. 3rd Sess.
Alberta Regulations 1975, part 2
Alberta Gazette 1974, part 1
Alberta Journals, 1910, 2nd Leg., 1st Sess.
Alberta Gazette 1986, Part 1
Alberta Hansard, 1975, index
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