Asian Studies Group: Bibliography of Publications
ARKY 203 F1996
ARKY 203 F1993
ARKY 205-01 W2000
ARKY 621 W1994
ARKY 201 F1996
Detailed proposal for Calgary Hall - stage II
Killam Alberta Review 1974
PHED 655 W1993
PHED 655 W1996
HTST 329-01 F1993
Scholarly Publications 1994 Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Calgary Convocation, Part I, June 13th, 2000, 2:00 p.m.
University of Calgary Calendar 1977-1978
KNES 213 W2002
The May 1988 Primatology Field School at The South Texas, Primate Observatory, Arashiyama West
First Forty, Sociology at the University of Calgary 1963-2003
University of Calgary Calendar 1986-1987
University of Calgary Calendar 2002-2003
Killam Calgary Review Les Fiducies Killam Trusts 1967-2006
ARKY 401 F1996
ARKY 601 F1996
ARKY 425 F1993
Scholarly Publications 1983 Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences scholarly publications, 1992
Faculty of Social Sciences 1992
ARKY 601 W1995
HTST 433 F2004
University of Calgary Convocation, November 1992
University of Calgary teaching resource guide
Killam Calgary Review Les Fiducies Killam Trusts 1967-2007
Killam Calgary Review Les Fiducies Killam Trusts 1967-2008
Report on the Doctoral Program in Archaeology at the University of Calgary
University of Calgary Calendar 2001-2002
ARKY 203 W1994
Scholarly Publications 1985 Faculty of Social Sciences
ARKY 203 W1997
Scholarly Publications 1990 Faculty of Social Sciences
Scholarly Publications 1982 Faculty of Social Sciences
DCED 481 W1997
Scholarly Publications 1989 Faculty of Social Sciences
EVDS 683-96 F1985
ARKY 621 W1997
Faculty of Social Sciences scholarly publications 1999
Killam Calgary Review  1967 to 2000
Registration Guide for New Undergraduate Students 1975-1976
EDCI 509-04 S1985
Budget model statistics 1974/75
Faculty of Social Sciences 1995
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