A malamute dog and her family of puppies, Yukon.
Native village on the Yukon River, during the Klondike gold rush, Yukon Territory.
A road house on the overland trail, Yukon.
Scows in ice jam on the Yukon River above Dawson City, Yukon.
The A.C. Company Steamer 'Hannah', leaving Dawson City, Yukon for Nome, Alaska.
A bunch of might nice husky puppies, Yukon.
Mining at 10 above discovery on Sulphur Creek, Yukon.
North-West Mounted Police band in Dawson City, Yukon.
White Pass and Yukon Route winter stage and passengers near White Pass, Yukon Territory.
A pack train on the Klondike River trail, Yukon.
Prospectors en route to Klondike gold rush, Yukon Territory.
Bill Spearn and his partner at a wood cutter's cabin, Yukon.
Shooting the White Horse Rapids on the Yukon River in a Peterborough canoe, Yukon.
Steamboat 'F. K. Gust' at Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Miners at outdoor blacksmith's forge, Bonanza Creek, Yukon Territory.
Upper discovery on Dominion Creek in summer time, Yukon.
Fire hall near the Bank of Commerce in Dawson, Yukon.
Constable Gladwin in uniform at Ogilvie, Yukon.
Metis man and his dogs, Yukon.
Constable Forest and First Nations guide coming in from Herschel Island patrol, Yukon.
Constables Dempster, Mapley and McLean leaving Barlow for Herschel Island, Yukon.
Flower garden at a home out on the Creeks, Dawson City, Yukon.
Igloo on sea ice many miles from nearest land, Yukon.
Inuit family employed by the Royal North-West Mounted Police, Yukon.
A grand ball on Hunker Creek, Yukon.
D.P. Kennedy's pack trains loaded for Glacier Creek and Miller Creek, Yukon.
LaRoughs Road House on way to Barlow, Yukon.
The Royal Mail stage in the winter time on the overland trail, Yukon.
Entering Northwest Territories from Yukon, Canol project, Yukon Territory.
Mastodon tusks found at Quartz Creek, Yukon.
Constable McLean and sled dogs at Indian River Detachment, Yukon.
Royal North-West Mounted Police in Arctic dress, Yukon.
Hobo Bill', driver for White Pass and Yukon Route stage coach line, Yukon.
Constable Hayward, taking his own picture on his bed at Ogilvie, Yukon.
Corporal B.C. Jackman and an Inuit woman, Yukon.
Ice-covered power lines in Dawson City, Yukon.
The Royal Mail stage in the summer time on the overland trail, Yukon.
Typical Inuit-style sled used by the Mounted Police in the Arctic, [Yukon].
Arrival of Governor General, Earl of Minto, Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Gold mining on Bonanza Creek at mouth of Trail Creek, Yukon Territory.
D.P. Kennedy's pack trains in camp on Glacier, Yukon.
A jerk line team on the Klondike River bridge, driven by Tom Savage, Yukon.
Military funeral for Corporal Watson, North-West Mounted Police in Dawson, Yukon Territory.
Inspector Routledge and Constable Opsal with team, out to hold court at Dominion Creek, Yukon.
Clarence Berry, famed gold miner, on Claim Six, Eldorado, Yukon Territory.
Island in the Yukon River, taken during the Klondike gold rush, Yukon Territory.
One of the first squads of Royal North-West Mounted Police to arrive in Dawson City, Yukon.
Hauling engines to the mines and miners on 40 gold run, Yukon.
Dominion Creek where Sergeant Beyts, and Constables McDonald and Frank Corby from Dawson City meet Constables Dempster and McLean with dog team from Herschel Island, Yukon.
Biting Fly Control Studies - Aerosol generator mounted on vehicle spraying insecticide against Blackfly and Mosquitos - Whitehorse, Yukon
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