Central School, Coleman, Alberta.
Teaching staff at school, Coleman, Alberta.
Charles Mair, Calgary, Alberta.
Soccer game, Coleman, Alberta.
Elbow River flood, Calgary, Alberta.
Elbow River flood, Calgary, Alberta.
Elbow River flood, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway roundhouse, Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Grading a street, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Walter Sillub homestead, near Medicine Hat, Alberta.
Bulletin paroissial de Limoilou
Pumping station, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Separate school, Vegreville, Alberta.
Staff at the Lake Louise Chalet at Laggan (Lake Louise), Banff National Park, Alberta.
[Calgary potholes seem to 'spring up' this time of year.]
Oxen carrying supplies over a trail, c.1915
Aerial view of downtown city centre, Calgary, Alberta.
Blue Dolphin
Calgary Medical Society annual banquet, Calgary, Alberta.
McNeil's Cigar Store, Edmonton, Alberta.
Jack De Lorme holding camera, Calgary, Alberta.
McGavin's billboard, [Lethbridge?], Alberta.
Donald, British Columbia, from station yard.
Smiling couple dancing in hall,Turner Valley, Alberta.
Governor-General George P. Vanier visiting Canadian Legion, Calgary, Alberta.
Blood riders at Kainai chieftainship ceremony for Douglas Bader, Stand Off, Alberta.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Calgary Ward Sunday School, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Bank of Commerce, Edmonton, Alberta.
Signage on Standard Bank of Canada, Calgary, Alberta.
Largest gap in 818 is the valley of Eagle Creek
First Baptist Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Vingt ans de directorat, 1923-1943
Alberta Report Magazine
La source et le filon : de l'ancêtre Pierre Paradis à la fondatrice des Petites Sœurs de la Sainte-Famille, Mère Léonie
Bibliographie du Centre du Québec et des Bois-Francs
Recommendations of the Economic Conference of the Allies : held at Paris on June 14, 15, 16 & 17, 1916
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 6, no. 15 (November, 1936) Suppl.
Alberta Cattle Breeders' Association catalogue, 04th, 1904.
Remains of Oil City, Waterton, Alberta.
Alberta Cattle Breeders' Association catalogue, 02nd, 1902.
Bird watchers team, Lethbridge school teachers, Lethbridge area, Alberta.
Blackfoot tipis at grounds, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Car being towed from Boundary Creek to Cardston, Alberta.
Logs on Oldman River, near Blairmore, Alberta.
Letter from Charles Locock, to William Jenner
Grimshaw, AB. Debenture Bylaws Index 1950-1997
John George 'Kootenai' Brown, Waterton, Alberta.
Telegram from Affie McVicker to Charles F. Gray, May 20th. 1919
Dingman #1 well (Calgary Petroleum Products #1), Turner Valley, Alberta.
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