Report (5th Annual, The Canadian Club of Winnipeg)
The Ramparts, Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories.
Woman modeling plastic jacket and boots at Imperial Oil's PVC plant, Sarnia, Ontario.
Group at Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Northern Alberta, map showing disposition of lands. North half
Fort Macleod, Alberta pioneers.
Nose Creek historical map, 1792-1960
Webb aerial truck, Calgary Fire Department, Calgary, Alberta.
Detail of limestone above arch rock north of Niuk River south of Cape Lisburne.
G6 1
Peat and vegetation pendants into frozen silts thought by Earling to show the lifting of the superajacent layers through intercalations of silt by down hill creep. Fairbanks district.
Eklutna Dam and power development north of Anchorage, 1929. Original in possession of F.I. Reed, Anchorage.
Gasoline engine used to operate stacker and elevator on Dick Creek. Streak of white at right is the jet of the giant with the nearby apron and sluice boxes.
Mount McKinley across Muldrow Glacier. Inscription "Alaska Misc. 106"
Royal Flying Corps cadets at Camp Borden, Ontario.
Hydrographic survey of Glenmore Reservoir
Special areas of Alberta, Cultivation pattern
Sectional map no. 6 Canadian Pacific Railway Co. shewing land grants in northern Alberta
Farm buildings special areas of Alberta
Hydrographic survey of Ghost Lake Tp. 68, Rg. 24, W 4.
Map of the British possessions in North America exhibiting the recent discoveries, geographical and nautical
Women's bridge club, Calgary, Alberta.
Southern Alberta showing disposition of lands
Canada's major oil field: Turner Valley, Alberta
Cereal map of Alberta, southern, showing acreage under crop in each township, in wheat, oats, barley, and flax
Alberta, southern map showing disposition of lands
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