Statement of Grant for rural schools, in regards to 1919 grant to Grassy Lake School District, Alberta.
Poster for Kenny and Scott used car sale, Innisfail, Alberta.
Bird's eye view from the school, Nanton, Alberta.
Receipt for school taxes issued by Grassy Lake School Division, Alberta.
Crescent Heights High School, Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Pacific Railway locomotive 621, Alyth Yard, Calgary, Alberta.
Group of Calgary Exhibition and Stampede officials, Calgary, Alberta.
The R.C.M.P. Centennial Plaque at Grande Prairie
EDPS 621 S1984
EDPS 621 F1982
EDPS 621 W1976
Interior of public library, Westbrook Mall branch, Calgary, Alberta.
EDPS 621 F1984
ECON 621 F1999
Camp A2 on the Penny Icecap - Baffin Island - Qikitualuk Region - Nunavut
ECON 621 W2005
ECON 621 F2005
EDPS 621 F1983
EDPS 621 W1984
LAW 621 W2000
ARKY 621 W1997
ECON 621 F1997
ECON 621 F1998
ECON 621 F2000
MGST 621 F1998
EDPS 621 W1975
ECON 621 W2004
LING 621 W1997
EVDS 621 F1979
CPR depot and elevators, Monarch, Alberta
MGST 621 F1996
MGST 621 F1997
Testing ... testing ...'
EDPA 621 F1986
EVDS 621 F1977
MGST 621 F1995
Students of Canadian School of Ballet, Lethbridge, Alberta.
FNCE 621 F1993
EDPS 621 W1974
EVDS 621 F1982
LING 621-01 F1986
LING 621 W1994
EVDS 621 F1983
EVDS 621 F1980
HTST 621-02 F1993
ARKY 621 W1994
EDCI 621 W1989
MGST 621 F1999
EVDS 621 F1984
EVDS 621 F1978
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