Central park library
Children on swings in park
Victoria Park Exhibition Grounds
Plan shewing existing and new park areas with connecting boulevards, also railway and government properties
Plan Shewing Main Traffic Routes
Drill Mall & Armoury, Exhibition Buildings, & Civic Centre
House in Calgary
Bluffs on Elbow river
Preliminary town planning scheme showing main traffic routes
8th Avenue
6th Avenue West
Dwelling receiving brick veneer
Preliminary town planning scheme for Calgary
Canada's major oil field: Turner Valley, Alberta
Plan showing Enlarged and New Shopping Centres
[Workmen's area, Manchester district]
Dominion government land office
Suggested Scheme for Automobile Roads between Calgary and Surrounding Beauty Spots
Children on seesaw in park
High level bridge at Centre Street
Buildings on 8th Avenue East
Judge Travis Building, Beveridge Building
Mawson plan for civic Centre
Rocking swing in park
Market Place
Dominion bank building
Detail of log construction in building
Plan for Crescent Heights school site
Gravel pit, Calgary, Alberta.
Interior of Anglican church, Bowden, Alberta.
North-West Mounted Police officers, 'D' and 'H' division, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
5312-1826 54
4914-1982 54
4916-1926 54
4900-2272 54
4907-1999 54
4901-2215 54
5312-1826 78
5312-1826 65
5311-1736 167
5311-1770 9
5312-1826 79
5312-1826 75
5311-1770 14
5312-1826 83
5312-1826 76
5312-1826 72
5312-1826 69
5312-1826 66
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of 1006 
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