Lethbridge, Alberta, Bylaws, 1898
HTST 415-02 F2004
HTST 415-02 F2008
HTST 365-01 F2000
Conflict or cooperation? Blackfoot trade strategies, 1794-1815
HTST 573-01 W1996
HTST 597-04 F1993
Points of interest about Niagara
HTST 647-02 W2005
Forests and clearings : the history of Stanstead County, Province of Quebec, with sketches of more than five hundred families
HTST 415-01 F2001
HTST 415-01 W2001
HTST 487-01 W2003
The Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists, 1784-1884
Baptists of Beamsville, 1788-1988
HTST 647-01 W2003
HTST 415-01 W2006
HTST 415-01 W2003
Les vieilles familles d'Yamachiche : dix généalogies
HTST 649-01 F1992
HTST 565-01 W2009
HTST 649-01 F1996
HTST 649-01 F1997
Foot-prints, or, Incidents in early history of New Brunswick
Operations in the peninsula, 1808-1809 : a lecture delivered at Aldershot on June 5th, 1905, The
HTST 365 F2006
A century of municipal history, 1792-1892
HTST 471-01 F1997
Jean-Baptiste Roy-Audy, 1778-c.1848
HTST 207 W2009
Inventaire sommaire des archives de la Société historique de Montréal
HTST 569 W1998
HTST 479-01 F1993
HTST 479-01 F1995
HTST 471-01 W2001
Inventaire des marchés de construction des Archives nationales du Québec à Montréal, 1800-1830. Volume 1
HTST 207 W2007
The immigration and settlement of the black refugees of the War of 1812 in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
Records of Niagara, no. 42, 1805-1811
HTST 469-01 F1999
HTST 273-01 W1996
HTST 367-01 W2000
Foot-prints, or, Incidents in early history of New Brunswick : 1783-1883
HTST 565-01 W2003
HTST 565-01 F2005
HTST 565-01 W2000
HTST 461 F1992
HTST 467-01 W2005
The  Black Loyalists in Canada
HTST 471-01 W2005
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