Presbyterianism in Puslinch : Duff's and Knox Churches, 1839-1899
Speaking of experts
Our faltering future: University of Calgary Faculty Association report on the department head survey
Faculty of Medicine research profile 2000-2001
Learning Commons Faculty development programs - Winter 2000
Report of the space astronomy laboratory at the University of Calgary
Fall 2000 to be continued…:management development seminars
4th Alberta Biomedical Engineering Conference Banff 2003
Learning Commons Faculty development programs - Fall 1999
WurcNet 1997 business plan
Ethnicity: the role of group identification in social change
Human Resources strategy 2000-2005
Selection, approval, and responsibilities of supervisors, and setting and conduct of oral examinations
Calgary urban campus initiative: listening to the community working paper number one
A northern dilemma: reference papers
The Library program review 1974/75 operating budget
Austro-Hungarian Atrocities
Faculty of Continuing Education management certificates calendar 2000/2001
Faculty of Education directory of research programs and projects
Building on the vision: campaign final report
Program development and space utilization study - Education building, Faculty of Education, project no. 9533
What is Zionism? : two chapters from "Zionism and the Jewish future"
National music of Poland : its character and sources, The
World Tourism Education and Research Centre four year review report
World Tourism Education and Research Centre: expanding global horizons
Reminiscence of army chaplains' work at home 1914 to 1919, A
Security and Defence Forum (SDF) Centre of Expertise proposal 2001-2006 SDF cycle
In the land of death
CA 175 44
CA 173 44
5016-1556 44
5001-1922 44
Crank : a discussion, The
Three times and out
VOX Magazine, July 1991, Issue 89
Fort Ingall, Cabano
After the War
VOX Magazine, September 1992, Issue 103
VOX Magazine, September 1991. Issue 91
VOX Magazine, October 1991, Issue 92
VOX Magazine, March 1991, Issue 85
VOX Magazine, April 1992, Issue 98
VOX Magazine, June 1991, Issue 88
VOX Magazine, December 1993, Issue 118
VOX Magazine, September 1994, Issue 127
VOX Magazine, November 1995, Issue 117
VOX Magazine, October 1995, Issue 116
VOX Magazine, October 1994, Issue 128
University of Calgary Convocation, November 1993
University of Calgary Convocation, November 9th, 1990
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