D17 52
D12 2
D2 3
Studio portrait of child.
Lone Wolf.
Homestead Memories
D23 27
D22 30
D15A 10
D1 2
D9 2
D2 60
D4 2
D16 48
D11 2
D13 3
D3 2
D7 2
D21 31
D6 2
D10 2
D5 2
Baptists of Beamsville, 1788-1988
Gods in the Battle
German to Germans : an open letter, A
Sir George Simpson : overseas governor of the Hudson's Bay Company : a pen picture of a man of action
Shibley G. Carscallen with grandchildren Okotoks, Alberta.
Hank Ilesic - Edmonton Eskimos
Cascade Mountain re: Helicopter Rescue
Claresholm and vicinity
Lecture du milieu : Willow Bunch
Breezy reminiscences of Manitoba
Lakes in the Clouds, Canadian Rockies, Alberta.
Mission at Chesterfield
Chesterfield Inlet
Profiteers' parliament, The
Hudson's Bay Company Commissioned officers.
Their history, our heritage : Dummer, Hawthorn, S.D., Maple Stone, S.D., Oregon, S.D., Wagner, S.D.
of 1786 
of 1786 
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