Kronau School #428, 1896-1964
South part, Castor, Alberta.
The Gold mines of the Yukon and Clondyke [sic] : where they are, what to take, how to get there : a lot of useful information for the prospective miner, from authentic sources
Three people at Blood Sun Dance, Alberta.
Cuthbertson Farm near Grande Prairie, c.1915
Whitehorse Rapids in winter - Yukon
Locomotive and train in Rocky Mountains, Field, British Columbia.
Construction of sulphur recovery unit, Turner Valley gas plant, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Lethbridge, Alberta.
Western Canadian Seed Processing plant under construction, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Hanna, Alberta.
New bridge over Secondary A canal, SE 1/4 20-23-23-W4, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Aerial view of land for future development, Calgary, Alberta.
[Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.]
Alberta Government Telephones building, Calgary, Alberta.
Train in Rockies west of Calgary, Alberta.
Mount Edith, Banff National Park, Alberta.
St. Mary's Convent under construction, Trochu, Alberta.
Bar at St. Louis Hotel, Calgary, Alberta.
Collegiate girl's basketball team, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Main Street, Tofield, Alberta.
Mount Victoria, Lake Louise, Alberta.
Lieutenant-Governor William L. Walsh.
Calgary Brewing and Malting Company grounds, Calgary, Alberta.
Royal Canadian Air Force Lancaster bombers, England.
Mayor Mackay at opening of new Jenkins' Groceteria building, Calgary, Alberta.
Main Street, Hanna, Alberta.
The Office Building, Calgary Brewing and Malting Company, Calgary, Alberta.
Ray Knight calf roping, Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary Brewing and Malting Company grounds, Calgary, Alberta.
Central Methodist Church fire, Calgary, Alberta.
Well head at Royalite #4, Turner Valley, Alberta.
Fish pond in the Brewery Gardens, Calgary, Alberta.
Crowd and vehicles on 102nd Street, Edmonton, Alberta.
Chief Peopeo Tholekt, Nez Perce, USA.
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EDCI 428 F1970
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A11648 428
Erysimum coarctatum Fernald
A11649 428
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