NURS Year I Schedule F1991
Internal OIR (Office of Institutional Research) report 1821 (project 1353) - Body systems and continuity course data, Faculty of Medicine 1978-79
LING 353 F1988
LING 671-03 F1995
HTST 213 F2010
MGST 601 F2013
LING 353 F1987
EDPS 213 F1985
LING 373 F1988
MGST 601 W2013
MGST 790-01 W2012
HTST 485 S2010
PHED 503-31 F1988
NURS 273-01 F1993
HTST 691-22 W1996
Press releases from the Western Canada Concept Party
NURS 273-02 F1993
University of Calgary annual international health day: opportunities and challenges for the physician working in the developing world
MGST 597-XX F2013 Redacted
Student Information System enrolment statistics Winter Session 1970-71 and degrees granted 1964-1970
Detailed program of Earth Sciences building, stage 1, phase 1
MKTG 365 F1997
Iron Ring 1982–84, Faculty of Engineering Yearbook, University of Calgary
Medicine workload indicator documentation
Residence Yearbook 1984–85, University of Calgary
Faculty of medicine instructional program statistics 1978-79
Faculty of Medicine research profile April 1 1994 to March 31, 1995
Business Yearbook 2003–04, University of Calgary
Pferdemaul : the unofficial Strath's news. Edition 1, 30 Sep. 66
Detailed proposal for a Faculty of Education Building
Self-Guided Walking Tour
Speaking of Experts
Career Services salary survey 1998
Campus self-guided walking tour
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 15, no. 3 (March, 1945)
Analysis of the University of Calgary timetable structure and scheduling practices
Department of Clinical Neurosciences Faculty of Medicine, annual report 1996
Rocky View, AB., Bylaws, 1980
Residence Yearbook 1983–84, University of Calgary
Student Counselling Services: the use of achievement, intellective and personality measures as predictors of final grades for freshmen students, research bulletin No. 1
The Banff Centre for Continuing Education annual report 1978-1979
Proposal for stage III development of the Engineering complex, Faculty of Engineering
Materials Management Department 2003-2004 third quarter quarterly report
NURS 205 W1993
Residence Yearbook 1982–83, University of Calgary
Inventaire chronologique des livres et journaux, etc., publiés en langue française dans la province de Québec : table des noms et des matières, 1764-1906
Student Employment Centre 1996 salary and employer survey
Drama Survival '88
Cinquantenaire de la Société d'histoire régionale de Québec fondée en 1937, devenue en 1947
Business Yearbook 2005–06, University of Calgary
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