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6th Alberta biomedical engineering conference, Banff 2005
Faculty of Environmental Design self appraisal report
Comments on "Post secondary operating grants in Alberta: an equity study"
Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering graduate student research seminar series, Volume No. 4 - 1991/92
Library response to "Responding to existing and emerging demands for University education: a policy framework"
Long range capital plan summary - proposed projects 0-15 years
The University of Calgary cogeneration study report - phase II
Convocation, 2008-06-09 PM: Aziz, Khalid, HD (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-09 PM: Conway, Lesley, OTUC (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-10 AM: Veale, Warren, Dr., OTUC (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-10 AM: McDonald, Lanny, HD (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-10 PM: Currie, Philip, HD (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-10 PM (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-10 PM: Boorman, Michael, OTUC (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-11 AM: Axworthy, Lloyd, HD (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-11 AM: van Herk, Aritha, OTUC (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-11 PM: Longstaff, Bev, HD (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-11 PM: Affonso, Amanda, OTUC (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-12 AM: White, Robert, HD (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-12 AM (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-12 AM: Bond, Ronald, OTUC (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-12 PM: Ceremony (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-12 PM (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-12 PM: Lau, John, HD (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-13 AM (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-13 AM: Post-ceremony activities (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-13 AM: Valentich, Mary, OTUC (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-13 PM: Ramsden-Wood, Ruth, HD (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-13 PM (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-06-13 PM: Terentiuk, Fred, OTUC (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-05-08 PM: Gall, Grant, OTUC (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-05-08 PM: Hetherington, Mary, HD (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-11-10 AM: Pelton, John, OTUC (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-11-10 AM: Beddoe, Clive, HD (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-11-10 AM (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-11-10 PM: Edwards, Malcolm, OTUC (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-11-10 PM: Janvier, Alex, HD (image 008)
Convocation, 2008-11-10 PM (image 008)
‘Lillian Dow Davidson’ scrapbook
Letter from Charles F. Gray to G. W. Murray, Dec. 10th, 1918
A Cross Section of Exhibits Used in the Trials of R.B. Russell, Dixon, Ivens ? Farnell
Report by Robert L. Tennis from St. Paul, May 23rd, 1919
Letter from Charles F. Gray to W. D. Rutten, May 29th, 1919
Telegraph from Charles F. Gray to W. P. Purney, June 6th, 1919
Letter from Assistant to the General Manager of the Manitoba Free Press to Charles F. Gray, June 9th, 1919
List of Potential Targets
Letter from Charles F. Gray to Captain D. M. Bruce, Jube 26th, 1919
Letter from F. Kerr to Charles F. Gray, July 7th, 1919
Once Bit, Twice Shy (Photocopy)
Subpoena to Testify Against Thomas Szczauriski
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