Lethbridge, Alberta.
Beaver River valley from 1 mile west of camp 20 (5 photos)
Confidential letter from James A. Grahame, Fort Garry to Richard Hardisty, Edmonton House.
Dictionnaire généalogique des familles de Charlesbourg: depuis la fondation de la paroisse jusqu'à nos jours
Robert T. Alderman, Calgary, Alberta.
William Leigh, Alberta.
James Graham, Alberta.
Charles Cooke, Alberta.
Leslie Pritchard, Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
Ted Smithman, Alberta.
G. W. Sturmer, Alberta.
Joseph E. Peterson, Fort Macleod, Alberta.
Mrs. A. M. Peters, Lethbridge, Alberta.
Harry W. Smith, Alberta.
Paul J. Katzalay, Alberta.
McKim Ross, Alberta.
John Liss, Sangudo, Alberta.
Paul Arthur Rowe, North Star, Alberta.
George Batty, Alberta.
Robert H. Carlyle, Lacombe, Alberta.
Peter Gomuwka, Alberta.
Robert Atkin, Alberta.
Mrs. Falconer, Canmore, Alberta.
W. P. Finnemons (?), Alberta.
Reverend W. J. Bell, Alberta.
Wilbert Stevens, Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) school, Edmonton, Alberta.
Dr. Kelloway, Calgary, Alberta.
Mr. Sutherland, Calgary, Alberta.
Harold L. Livergant, Calgary, Alberta.
Morris Jeune, Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
Edith Patterson, Calgary, Alberta.
Bert Rear, Calgary, Alberta.
Young People's group, Westbourne Baptist Church, Calgary, Alberta.
Harold Rolseth, Alberta.
Margaret Thomson, Edmonton, Alberta.
Joseph V. Kikosky, Blairmore, Alberta.
Dave Garland, Alberta.
Mr. Brucker, Alberta.
George Isaacs, Alberta.
Mr. Trace, Alberta.
Mr. Reiman, Alberta.
Harry Van Dyke, Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
Mr. Margolus, Alberta.
James D. Magill, Alberta.
Major Lorne Ingle, Alberta.
George Austin, Alberta.
J. H. Dowler, Alberta.
Carl Antonson, Calgary, Alberta.
Jack Hampson, Alberta.
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