Pacific Railway: speech delivered in the House of Commons on the 15th and 16th of April, 1880
'1914 - 1915'.
'The Canadians - always game - sometimes grouse - but never quail'.
'Flowers of France - gathered for you'.
'The King reviews the Canadians on Salisbury Plain - The March past'.
'Ow! The soap has torpedoed me!!'.
'United we stand'.
'1917 - souvenir from France'.
'To my dear wife'.
'I don't miss anything - but you'.
'The Canadian armoured cars which greatly interested the King'.
'From North to South, from East to West, the Canadians give their very best...'.
'I'm handling powder daily - but haven't had so much as a scratch yet!'.
'It's astonishing how quickly some of the fellows here get out at the front!'.
'How do you like me in khaki?'.
'Friend across the sea (1)'.
'England - Fall in and follow me! - Angleterre - Alignez-vous et suivez-moi!'.
'Bill gets behind the wire when the Tigers are around! 232nd Saskatchewan Tigers.'
'What more shell I wish you? - a happy Easter'.
'To my dear mother'.
'Abide with me (1)'.
'The 'Pals''.
'Will you stick to me, George? Yes! Will you stick to your promise, George? Yes! We'll stick together, won't we, George? (By gum, it's a sticky business, this!)'.
'Look out, nurse! I'm a U-boat!'.
'Ever in my thoughts - God be with you'.
'Women in war time - Chauffeur - 'Coming for a spin?''.
'I wonder if you miss me sometimes (1)'.
'Don't use a motor car for pleasure - 'Oh well, no one can say we're motoring for pleasure - the damn car's a Ford!''.
'Lord Kitchener'.
Granite needles northeast of loc 9 AE 412.200
Why We Carry On
Munitions : Engineers, wake up! ; Lloyd George must go!
Colonial preference
Pupils at Normal Practice school, Calgary, Alberta.
Major-General Sam Steele inspecting soldiers of the 50th Battalion, Calgary, Alberta.
Soldiers of the 50th Battalion, Calgary, Alberta.
View of downtown Calgary, Alberta.
Emblem of 175th Battalion, Medicine Hat, at Sarcee camp, Calgary, Alberta.
Parading members of the 50th Battalion, Calgary, Alberta.
South Calgary, Alberta.
Our duty and our interest in the war
Great War, 1914-1918, Six Nations C.E.F., 114th Battalion Brocks Rangers, 4th Battalion Halidmand Rifles.
In the Shade of the Mountains
Names Index, Museum of the Regiments Aboriginal Veterans Archives
STST 609-01 HTST 609-01 F2003
HTST 485 S2004
Echoes of Fort Assiniboine and Districts
HTST 201-01 F2008
The bulletin of the British Columbia Board of Health. Vol. 10 (1940). Appendix no. 1
STST 609-02 HTST 609-02 W2001
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