Minutes of a Preliminary Meeting of the Delegates, elected by the various districts of British Columbia, convened at Yale pursuant to the following call, Yale Convention
Catherine Tekakouita
Letters between Yoshiro Ando and  Doris Rooney, 1969-1975
Elementary botany for beginners : with special reference to the study of prairie province plants
Hand Hills Heritage.
Stirling, Alberta, Bylaws, 1988
Blackfoot ways of knowing : the worldview of the Siksikaitsitapi
Обозрѣніе исторіи военнаго искусства въ среднихъ вѣкахъ
Long Lance
Revised Statutes of Alberta 1980 Volume 5
Alberta Gazette 1987, Part 1
Victoria's jubilee, 1837-1887
Наставленіе для обученія саперныхъ баталіоновъ по искуственной части
Petition Signed by Inhabitants of Vancouver Island, to make the terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway on Vancouver Island
Auf wilden Pfaden im neuen kanada : Erlebnisse unter Farmern, Trappern, Vagabunden : und Verbrechern des kanadischen Westens
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Bylaws, 1907
Furrow to the future : Oxbow and Glen Ewen. Volume 1
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Bylaws, 1906
Cartwright revisited, 1983
Cardston, AB. Bylaws, 1911
Queen of My Heart [original synopsis]
Coronation, Alberta, Bylaws, 1933
Kanadiiski visty. Vol. 01, no. 40 (December, 1914)
Statutes of Alberta 1957
Campobello Island
Alberta Bills: 8th Legislature, 6th Session
Statutes of Alberta 1988
Information respecting the Yukon District from the reports of Wm. Ogilvie, Dominion land surveyor, and from other sources
Cardston AB. Bylaws 1912
Plots for stories
Concise Blackfoot grammar : based on material from the southern Peigans, A
Pacific railway route, British Columbia
Oeuvres de Champlain. Tome 5
The Merchants' agency red book : a gazetteer and trade directory of British Columbia
Lacombe, AB., Bylaws, 1920-1929
Coronation, Alberta, Bylaws, 1951
Stirling, Alberta, Bylaws, 1987
Pioneer Sketches of Long Point Settlement, or, Norfolk's foundation builders and their family genealogies
Proposed expansion to the University Day Care Centre
Guide régional du colon : la région de l'Abitibi, 1919
Old north trail : or, Life, legends and religion of the Blackfeet, The
Animal Resources Centre: proposed expansion
Traditional plant foods of Canadian indigenous peoples : nutrition, botany, and use
Raymond, Alberta, Bylaws, 1947
Notice biographique de M. l'Abbé Stanislas-Irénée Lecours, procureur du Collège de Lévis décédé le 6 octobre 1918
Kanadiiski visty. Vol. 01, no. 31 (September, 1914)
Prairie Trails to Blacktop Carlyle and District, 1882-1982
Copies of all communications from Indians or others in Manitoba, with the government
Handbook of Canadian Methodism
A Hand-Book to British Columbia and Vancouver Island
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