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Castle on a lake
Stone bridge, Manzuzan
Round pagoda in disrepair
Map of China
Pagoda in West Keizan, Peking
Chinese highway
Great Wall of China
Chinese boat and oarsmen
Chinese woman in traditional clothing
Wall and pagoda
Great Wall of China?
Mule drawn carriages
Men with a cart
Horse-carried carriage
Camel caravan in winter
Lion and lotus flower carvings
Chinese Gods
Village scene
Red brick building
At the docks
The Poo-Cha Bridge
Decorated Chinese building
Chinese castle
Manchu King's throne
Horse litter
Chinese soldiers
A junk at sail
Children outside the Hong Kong Hotel
Transporting reeds
Forest scene
Chinese troops
Rickshaw and driver
Crossing the river
A Water Temple
"Marble Pavilion in Shalimar Gardens", Srinigar, India
"Principal entrance to the Jumma Musjeed", Delhi, India
Gathering in China {?}
Girl in traditional eastern dress
Davidson scrapbook
‘Lillian Dow Davidson’ scrapbook
James Wheeler Davidson scrapbook
Historical sketch of Saint James Square Presbyterian Congregation, Toronto, 1853-1903
North Bay, the gateway to Silverland
The story of Dundas : being a history of the County of Dundas from 1784 to 1904
Dundas, or, A sketch of Canadian History : and more particularly of the County of Dundas.
Of Toronto the good : a social study : the queen city of Canada as it is
Papers and records (Huron Institute). Volume 3
Publications (Elgin Historical and Scientific Institute), Nos. 2-4
Pioneer life on the Bay of Quinte, including genealogies of old families and biographical sketches of representative citizens
Souvenir of the jubilee of Knox Church, Tiverton, 1859-1909
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