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Iceberg and ship with a red sky
Iceberg - above and below water
Man with a beard
Natives and sled. Greenland
3 men onshore
Northern landscape
Hopedale Labrador
Bowdoin Glacier, Greenland
Native woman and children
Eskimo boys, Hopedale Labrador
Fishing party
Stone igloo and natives, Greenland
The whalers Diana and Nova Zembia, cruising in the Arctic -- Dexterity Harbor and Baffin Land
Esquimo hut and group of natives
Icefield and camp
Transporting kiak overland. Labrador
Inuit group on a ship
Horse and cart
Great Wall of China (?)
On the move
Men with a cart
Cattle pulling carts
Donkeys at work
Chinese gate and three-tiered pavilion
Guardian lion statue and Chinese building
"Ruined pagoda - Tiehling"
View from the wall
Farmer and donkeys
Three westerners on a walk with Chinese guides
Water buffalo and man wearing a turban
Man-powered water pumps
Fan palm
Street view
Dwellings of Tsao tribe
The Sun Ming Jow Bridge
A Pailow or Honorary Portal
Chinese pagoda and guardian lion statues
Gardens in mountainous surroundings
Village and round pagoda
Town gate
Town gate with pagoda
Oxen bearing firewood
Wall and pagoda
Harbour view
Working port
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