Stinking Lake, Alberta.
Silvercrest School, northwest of Consort, Alberta.
Moving building for United Church, Black Diamond, Alberta.
Harvesters at depot, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Nellie McClung with Mrs. Holling and Elvira K. Brown.
Canadian Pacific Railway train, Strangmuir, Alberta.
Harry Kanouse, Fort Benton, Montana.
John Haddin, civil engineer with Haddon and Miles Limited, Calgary, Alberta.
Wedding of William Fletcher Bredin and Anna Brown Marsh, Clarksburg, Ontario.
Cowboys on Powers and Fluery outfits on Blackfeet Reservation, USA.
Back side of welcome arch for royal visit, Edmonton, Alberta.
Painting United Church manse, Rimbey, Alberta.
Mount Vernon school district no. 3579, between Three Hills and Carbon, Alberta.
P. Burns' wagon and cowboys at the big dip, Circle Ranch, Alberta.
Eda Owen, and adopted child Phyllis, Edmonton, Alberta.
Crowsnest Pass area, Alberta.
Branding at Brown Ranch, Queenstown, Alberta.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lewis Grasse.
Calgary Revolver Club, Calgary, Alberta.
Jean Macfarlane, ready for tennis, Edmonton, Alberta.
Herd of Burns' saddle horses, Alberta.
Horses on Brown Ranch, Queenstown, Alberta.
William Hill Metzler, North-West Mounted Policeman, Fishburn, Alberta.
Hans Peter Larsen in farmyard, Standard, Alberta.
Eda Owen and daughter Kate, Edmonton, Alberta.
Boarding house, Delburne, Alberta.
United Church of Canada, Rimbey, Alberta.
Nose Hill School, near Veteran, Alberta.
Welcome arch for royal visit, Edmonton, Alberta.
Stooks of grain, Alberta.
CGIT [Canadian Girls in Training] group assembled for royal visit, Edmonton, Alberta.
Reverend J. Robert Brown in horse-drawn carriage, Alberta.
George Clift King, Calgary, Alberta.
Lake in Crowsnest Pass area, Alberta.
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway station, Delburne, Alberta.
Eda Owen, meterologist, Edmonton, Alberta.
Threshing at Canadian Agricultural Coal and Colonization Company, Namaka, Alberta.
Group of P. Burns riders in Queenstown area, Alberta.
Round-up horses, Arrowwood area, Alberta.
General store at Burdett, Alberta.
Edward Turner, England.
Willoughby and Haultain horse brand, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Edward Turner, England.
Willoughby and Haultain horse brand, Pincher Creek, Alberta.
Oldman river, Alberta.
James A. Youman, Methodist missionary teacher.
Corrals, Brown Ranch, Queenstown, Alberta.
Frederick A. Fitzgerald, first president of Imperial Oil Company, London, Ontario.
Doctor J. A. Kanouse, pioneer of Fort Benton, Montana.
Mrs. Benjamin S. Lloyd, pioneer of Midnapore, Alberta.
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