A history of Sullivan Township, 1850 to 1975
Alberta Gazette 1960, Part 1
On the north trail : the Treaty 8 diary of O.C. Edwards
Reflections of Restoule, 1850-1990 : local history
On the north trail : the Treaty 8 diary of O.C. Edwards
Growth : a history and anthology of the Synod of Alberta of the Presbyterian Church in Canada
Les Cahiers des Dix. Volume 43
Beaumont : histoire de Beaumont et district, 1885-1960
Rockwood echoes : 90 years of progress, 1870-1960 : a history of the men and women who pioneered the Rockwood Municipality
HTST 449 F2010
Our roots : a history of La Ronge
Township of Yarmouth Cntennial History, 1867-1967
The history of the County of Bruce and of the minor municipalities therein, Province of Ontario, Canada.
HTST 449-01 F2008
HTST 449-69 S2009
HTST 449-01 F2000
HTST 449 F2001
HTST 449-01 F2002
As We Remember Alford
CBC: Joan Sutherland in Recital, 1968
HTST 691-01 F1995
HTST 487-02-91 W1993
Gleanings, memories and sketches of Moulton Township
HTST 211-01 F1993
HTST 449-60 S2010
HTST 401-20 P1998
HTST 211-01 F1995
HTST 303-20 P1997
Les Cahiers des Dix. Volume 25
HTST 303-01 F1996
University of Alberta data book, revised March 1966
HTST 303-01 F1995
HTST 435 W1999
HTST 449 F1999
From forest to thriving hamlets
Copy of Treaty and supplementary Treaty No. 7, made 22nd Sept., and 4th Dec., 1877, between Her Majesty the Queen and the Blackfeet and other Indian tribes at the Blackfoot crossing of Bow River [...]
The Paths that Led to Holland : a history of Holland Township
HTST 303-01 W1993
HTST 633 F2010
At school in Kingston, 1850-1973 : the story of Catholic education in Kingston and district
EVDS 673 F1984
EVDS 673 F1983
HTST 517-01 F2002
HTST 633-01 W2000
EVDS 673 F1987 dup1
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