2nd Conference on Provincial Social Welfare Policy, May 1-3, 1985
The first Lake Louise Chalet, Lake Louise, Alberta.
Canada mourns Leslie Nielsen.'
Hoodoos in the badlands, Drumheller valley, Alberta.
Barn at Ponoka, Beatty Brothers, Alberta.
Jean-Baptiste Bouchette
City Dairy, Edmonton, Alberta.
Clyde A Conrad - grower of sugar beets - RE: instigator of confrontation over sugar beets
William McGillivary, 1764-1825.
Diary of Adolphus Gaetz, The
Dawn of Armageddon, or, "The provocation by Serbia" (vide German Note to Neutrals, Jan. 11, 1917), The
Isaac Todd, ca. 1743-1819
Life and times of the Hon. Joseph Howe, the great Nova Scotian and ex-Lieut. Governor : with brief references to some of his prominent contemporaries
The story of our family
Convocation, 2013-06-13 PM: Smadu, Marlene, HD (image 023)
Indian tipis at Stampede grounds, Calgary, Alberta.
Staking out polar bear skin at Barrow for drying and whitening.
View of Solomon, Alaska, from same point as preceding picture, during the winter. Views probably taken about 1907
Train wreck on Alaska Railroad at Mile 366
Train wreck on Alaska Railroad at Mile 366
Train wreck on Alaska Railroad at Mile 366
5014-1547 21
View of Solomon, Alaska during summer time
Teddy Bear working her way through ice around Cape Van Karem.
Train wreck on Alaska Railroad at Mile 366
Alex. Liska with goat in mountains
Cutting up walrus on ice off Barrow.
Hotel Alaska, Fairbanks
Ice cakes out and stacked to be hauled to Barrow for supplying fresh water.
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