Battles of the nineteenth century. Vol. II
Battles of the nineteenth century. Vol. IV
Battles of the nineteenth century. Vol. I
Battles of the nineteenth century. Vol. III
Conflict or cooperation? Blackfoot trade strategies, 1794-1815
Back to Africa : George Ross and the Maroons : from Nova Scotia to Sierra Leone
Ireland in the last fifty years (1866-1916)
Prophecy of the swan : the upper Peace River fur trade of 1794-1823
HTST 411-01 W1998
HTST 201-60 S2001
HTST 313-01 F1995
HTST 329-60 S2001
HTST 313-01 F1993
HTST 201-60 S2000
History of the settlement of Upper Canada (Ontario) : with special reference to the Bay Quinté
HTST 329-60 S2000
HTST 369-01 F2000
HTST 369-60 S2000
Progress of Canada in the Nineteenth Century
Whitchurch Township
HTST 369-01 F1999
Medical essays 1842-1882
HTST 311-01 W1998
HTST 213-01 F1996
HTST 311-01 W2000
Galicia and Bukovina : a research handbook about Western Ukraine, late 19th and 20th centuries
Maritime stage. Number one: Saint John, 1789-1899
Beyond anger and longing : community and development in Atlantic Canada
The history of the town of Dundas. Part 1 of a series
Royal Monmouthshire Militia : being a detailed description of the regiment from the year 1660 to the time of its transfer to the Special Reserve
Story of the Highland regiments, The
A history of Vaughan Township
A glimpse of the past : a centennial history of Brantford and Brant county
Strand Magazine, The
History of the County of Yarmouth
The Faculty of Humanities Annual Bibliography 1997
Third great war in relation to modern history, The
German immigration and assimilation in Ontario, 1783-1918
Secondary sources in the history of Canadian medicine : a bibliography. Volume 2
Montague : a social history of an Irish Ontario township : 1783-1980
Scholarly Publications 1983 Faculty of Social Sciences
Masters of sail : the era of square-rigged vessels in the Maritime Provinces
Baptists of Beamsville, 1788-1988
Toronto from Trading Post to Great City.
Bloomfield : the story of a village
Ecclesiastical history of Newfoundland
Atlantic Canada to 1900 : a history of the Anglican Church
German-Canadians : a concise history, The
Too soon the curtain fell : a history of theatre in Saint John, 1789-1900
By Bridge and Mill : a history of the Village of Frankford
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