Universal student ratings of instruction phase II (vol. 2: appendices) - for the Implementation Task Force on Student Ratings of Instruction�
A map exhibiting Mr. Hearne's tracks in his two journies for the discovery of the Copper Mine River, in the years 1770, 1771 and 1772, under the direction of the Hudson's Bay Company
Un voyageur des pays d'en haut
Esquisses biographiques, 1795-1855 Jean-Joseph Girouard, l'ancien député du comté du Lac des Deux-Montagnes, un des prisonniers politiques de 1837-38
Poland's struggle for independence
Historical record of the Thirteenth Regiment of Light Dragoons : containing an account of the formation of the regiment in 1715, and of its subsequent services to 1842
5014-1547 8
HTST 633-02-01 W1993
HTST 637-01 F1992
A11693 201
4913B-2131 60
The parish register of Kingston, Upper Canada, 1785-1811
History and responsibilities of the RCASC
Histoire d'Acadie par les textes. Fascicule B, 1760-1866
HTST 459-01 W1997
Historical bulletin (Calgary). Vol. 8, no. 4
HTST 459-01 F1995
The Evolution of the Halifax Fortress, 1749-1928
History of the 10th Royals and of the Royal Grenadiers from the formation of the regiment until 1896
Story of the Highland regiments, The
HTST 517-02 W1999
Généalogie des familles de la Rivière Ouelle, depuis l'origine de la paroisse jusqu'à nos jours
Maritime stage. Number one: Saint John, 1789-1899
Historical records of the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders, now the 2nd Battalion Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Germany and Slavonic civilisation
The Loyalists and Six Nation Indians in the Niagara Peninsula.
Étude de la population de Place-Royale, 1760-1860 : synthèse
5th Regiment, Royal Scots of Canada Highlanders : a regimental history
Memoranda on some crucial questions : III. Poland
Queen's Own Rifles of Canada : a history of a splendid regiment's origin, development and services, including a story of patriotic duties well performed in three campaigns
Local histories of Ontario municipalities 1977-1987, a bibliography : with representative cross-Canada location of copies
HTST 397-01 F1992
HTST 205-02 W1999
HTST 791 F1997
HTST 205 P1999
French Pioneers of the western district
Archives Regimentaires des Fusiliers du S.-Laurent, Les
HTST 451-01 F1993
La ville de Québec: histoire municipale : II : régime anglais jusqu'à l'incorporation (1759-1833)
War atlas
Third great war in relation to modern history, The
Un coin de frontière : essai de monographie régionale
Alberta Stoney (Assiniboin) Origins and Adaptations: A Case for Reappraisal
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