Team leaving Post with belongings Gjoa Haven Post Nunavut
Tree with carving at Old Bow Fort, Alberta.
F.S. Corrigan, Residence, 170 Roxborough Dr., Toronto, Ont.
Repairing tire of Central Messengers car.
Imperial Oil Company airplane beached near Anglican mission, Hay River, Northwest Territories.
Inuit and First Nations boys ploughing with dog teams at Anglican mission, Hay River, Northwest Territories.
Reverend John McDougall, Calgary, Alberta.
Grimshaw, AB. Bylaws, Inactive, No.'s 170-449, 1956-1969
Thomas Scott, who was executed by Louis Riel at Fort Garry, Manitoba.
Woman on vacation sitting on wall.
Horses in corrals on Domburg Ranch, Alberta.
Skidding logs at Svedberg's timber operations, Edson, Alberta.
City laboratory, Calgary, Alberta.
Beach at Gull Lake, Lacombe, Alberta.
W. Hill, mechanic, and replacement propeller made from dog sleigh runners, Fort Norman, Northwest Territories.
View of Bow River with Domburg, W. W. Channell's ranch in distance.
William Roper Hull house, Calgary, Alberta.
Calgary Exhibition and Stampede parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Cowboy stunts at Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Radium Hot Springs, Kootenay National Park, British Columbia.
Christ the King Church, Water Valley, Alberta.
Pastor and choir of Knox Presbyterian church, Calgary, Alberta.
First battalion, Calgary Highlanders officers mess dinner, Sarcee army camp, Calgary, Alberta.
Barry Peterson
Canadian National Railways station, Hinton, Alberta.
Pearce Point, Northwest Territories.
Mrs. Paul Twoyoungman, Stoney, drying meat.
Canadian Union College, Lacombe area, Alberta.
Coffer dam, Kananaskis Falls dam, Alberta.
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 008, Number 016
Canora, Saskatchewan.
Crippled aircraft, Fort Norman, Northwest Territories.
Ojibwa of Red River, Manitoba.
Interior of Hoefer and Woods grocery store, Lethbridge, Alberta.
University of Calgary Gazette, Volume 014, Number 006
First Nations woman on horseback with travois, Calgary Stampede parade, Calgary, Alberta.
Alberta medical bulletin. Vol. 28, no. 4
Calgary Brewing and Malting Company billboard, [Calgary?], Alberta.
Mount Lefroy from Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Mobile X-Ray unit, Lethbridge Municipal Hospital, Lethbridge, Alberta.
First Nations woman at Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Revillon Freres' post at Rupert House, Quebec.
Fire hose on street outside Majestic Theatre (with Irrigation Convention banner), Lethbridge, Alberta.
Civic arch, Edmonton, Alberta.
Automobile on bridge, Alberta.
E.L. Ruddy Co. Plant
City laboratory, Calgary, Alberta.
Alfalfa fed steers averaging 1412 pounds and sold for $106.61 each, Western Irrigation District, Alberta.
Red Coulee oil fields, Alberta-Montana border.
Stoney tipi with thunderbird design.
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