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Buffalo coming into the shipping corrals, Wainwright, Alberta.
Herd of buffalo at Buffalo National Park near Wainwright, Alberta.
Ed Hodder, Calgary business man and Peter McCarthy, Calgary, Alberta.
Theatrical group, Calgary, Alberta.
Track-laying on the prairies, Canadian Pacific Railway.
North-west Mounted Police barracks, Calgary, Alberta.
Stoney encampment with tipis, Banff, Alberta.
Cecile and Ada Newbolt.
The Lady Adela Cochrane.
Pioneers and Oldtimers group at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.
Group of hunters in field.
Mid-winter lawn tennis match, northeast corner of 4th Avenue S and Centre Street, Calgary, Alberta.
Consecration of Bishop Pinkham, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Bishop W. Cyprian Pinkham in Blood headdress.
Colonel James F. Macleod.
Norman T. Macleod, son of Colonel James F. Macleod, in a cowboy outfit.
Mrs. William E. Cochrane, arranging flowers.
Miss Ann Hendrie.
Mrs. George Alexander.
Commemorative service for R.B. Bennett at St. Michael's Church, Mickleham, Surrey, England.
Indian village, Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, Calgary, Alberta.
Colonel James Walker, Calgary, Alberta.
Silver City at the base of Castle Mountain, Castle Mountain, Alberta.
I. L. Peretz School, Calgary, Alberta
Colonel James Walker, North-West Mounted Police, Alberta.
William Drever Senior, Crossfield, Alberta.
Madelon Violet Jean Pinkham, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. Jean Crowe, Calgary, Alberta.
Mrs. Jean Crowe, Calgary, Alberta.
Augustine M. Pinkham, Calgary, Alberta.
Ernest Pinkham, Calgary, Alberta.
Ernest Pinkham, Calgary, Alberta.
Thomas Crowe, Calgary, Alberta.
Bishop's court, Calgary, Alberta.
Brick dwelling.
J. C. Kennedy.
Helen Rothney, Crossfield, Alberta.
Alfred W. F. Cooper, Calgary, Alberta.
R.B. Bennett.
Dame Flora MacLeod, Calgary, Alberta.
James F. Macleod, Kingston, Ontario.
Bishop W. Cyprian Pinkham and family.
Bishop W. Cyprian Pinkham.
Bishop W. Cyprian Pinkham.
Bishop W. Cyprian Pinkham.
Bishop W. Cyprian Pinkham with Mr. and Mrs. J. P. J. Jephson.
Mrs. W. Cyprian Pinkham.
Blackfoot people gathered near agency for visit of Lord Minto.
Safeway store, [Calgary?], Alberta.
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