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District Health Nurse, Miss Jean Crosby about to step into Wop May's plane
Oxen and sled with Arthur McLean, George Balmer, Luella Patterson and William Caldwell
Engines of the Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway, c.1918
Lumber Camp in the Belloy area with Rod McCrimmon, c.1925
By-law voters in Hythe
Plywood Factory at Grande Prairie, c.1960
Anglican Church and Hall, n.d.
Aerial view of Hythe, c.1970
Main Street, Spirit River
Turning the soil with oxen near Grande Prairie
Wop May's plane at Grande Prairie
Trumpeter Swans near Grande Prairie, n.d.
Carriage at Debolt commemorating the Coronation of King Edward VIII, with Elbert Debolt
Hudson's Bay Company buildings at Fort St. John
Peace River
Scenes from the Old Timers picnic of 1960
Foodlines, Grande Prairie, c.1961
Looking south from Connor Smith's Hill near Grande Prairie, c.1940
Peace River
Recreation at Lake Saskatoon, 1940's
Drilling Trucks, c.1965
Mrs. Mabel Roberts and friends, n.d.
Blood donor clinic, Grande Prairie
Mrs. Clifford and Mr Robson dressed for the opera "Esther"
Pioneer Lodge, Grande Prairie
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